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ADI Agency Purchases Loyalty Bound Expanding Their Product Line

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ADI Agency Purchases Loyalty Bound, Offering OEMs & Dealers Attractive Extended Warranty Options & Marketing Strategies

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ADI Agency Purchases Loyalty Bound

East Syracuse, NY, January 17, 2014 ADI Agency continues its forward momentum with their recent purchase of Loyalty Bound, a marketing agency that offers Digital Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Software, and a Loyalty Platform exclusively to dealers and OEMs in the heavy-duty truck and construction equipment industries.

adi_final_logo_oswaldLoyalty Bound’s Digital Marketing Services are centered around their PEER Strategy, consisting of four important components – Prepare, Evolve, Engage, Retain – that maximize your marketing efforts and deliver measurable results. Ultimately, PEER can capture a lacking clientele by attracting new visitors to your website and converting them into customers. Loyalty Bound’s Digital Marketing Software will boost traffic to your website, while simultaneously tracking your online marketing activities and investment. Incorporating strategies like social media, SEO, blogging, and e-mail marketing Loyalty Bound’s Digital Marketing approach will allow you to directly communicate with consumers, and fine-tune your target market.

Loyalty Bound’s Customer Loyalty Platform is a program allowing you to not only maintain a solid customer base, but increase your existing one. A customizable and user-friendly tool that reinforces substantial customer service within your dealership, this Customer Loyalty Platform provides consistent incentive to transform your potential sales into promising ones, and any leads into loyal, repeat customers. Specifically designed to manage a Customer Rewards Program, this platform facilitates an easy-to-use web-based access forum for dealer, OEM, and customer use.

LB_logo_round_sm-01Joining forces with ADI, a company offering Protect My Iron®, a program with custom-tailored Extended Service Protection Plans, combined with Warranties, Insurance Programs, and their customized web-based platform WarrantyConnect, the new-and-improved ADI Agency now serves as a multi-purpose resource for OEMs and Dealers within the construction equipment and heavy-duty truck industries. Along with this new partnership comes ADI’s own version of LoyaltyBound’s rewards program for their customers – Loyalty Bucks – rewarding Protect My Iron® customers with rewards redeemable towards marketing services.

Protect My Iron® offers extended warranty programs for new and used construction equipment, as well as their platform WarrantyConnect, that are fully customizable to your dealership and guaranteed to protect your cash flow. You’ll be fully reimbursed for parts and service and be able to seamlessly process warranty claims, resulting in an improved customer service experience for all parties involved. With a promise to remain in this industry to keep you on top of the competition, ADI Agency will transform and further develop your company by offering fleet protection and modern marketing strategies to ultimately boost your sales.

Having been in the industry for a combined total of over 40 years, the experts at ADI Agency recognize the constant changes that flood this industry and the business-world as a whole. Steady technological advancements surround the trade with an increased pace and relentless change, yet suggest an uncompromising advantage. “As I’m sure most business professionals know, we don’t do business the way we did 10 years ago,” says Christine Julka, Managing Partner of ADI Agency. “And for that reason, we need to adapt to today’s modern business practices and welcome some of the latest technological innovations. This will not only facilitate the daily operations of the OEMs and dealerships that encompass this industry, but it’ll boost their overall revenue and ensure they remain ahead of their competition.” And their recent purchase of Loyalty Bound will offer the marketing strategies that are essential to a successful business. A program that is completely customizable to any dealership or OEM, Loyalty Bound incorporates Digital Marketing Services that will transform your website into a top salesman, Digital Marketing Software that will convert your online presence into a comprehensive, powerful system, and a Customer Loyalty Platform that will maintain a solid customer base while simultaneously increasing your existing one. “Essentially, Loyalty Bound and its PEER marketing strategy works for this industry,” says Christine. “It serves as the roadmap that integrates your company’s goals, policies, and customer base into a comprehensive blueprint designed – and proven – to achieve success.”

Protect My Iron® | ADI AgencySince the beginning, ADI Agency has provided insurance products like Protect My Iron®, a premiere program offering Extended Service Protection Plans to OEMs and dealers, alike. “You’ve made the investment, so let us protect it,” says Raj Julka, Managing Partner of ADI Agency. “We understand your concerns, we speak your language, and we’ve figured out a way to bring Extended Service Protection Plans to this market in an entirely new way. Protect My Iron® is proven to benefit lenders, manufacturers, dealers and, most importantly, their customers.” The risk posed to OEMs and dealers at the point of sale can be a great one, and any industry-professional acknowledges the uncertainty surrounding the overall reliability and dependability of the products they sell. But in the event of poor product design or assembly, Protect My Iron® can truly serve as the management tool that drives satisfaction throughout the entirety of a customer’s ownership experience. “We view Extended Service Protection Plans as the metric identifying the shortfall between customer expectation and the potential unreliability of a product,” says Raj. “With Protect My Iron® on your equipment, we’ll help bridge that gap.”

ADI Agency offers the Extended Service Protection Plans and customized programs that will eliminate risk and offer you peace of mind. All backed by a customized marketing strategy that will keep you ahead of the competition, the experts at ADI Agency will transform and modernize your dealership. They work to keep you moving forward so you can boost your profits, reward your customers, attract new leads, and avoid any risk. They’re in the industry to keep you on top of the industry – from cradle to grave. For more information on ADI Agency or their products, please visit or call ADI Agency today at (866) 662-0995.

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