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Attract Leads With These Tips To Rev Up Your Content Marketing

Attract More Leads & Convert With These Tips To Rev Up Your Content Marketing

Attract Leads With These Tips To Rev Up Your Content Marketing

Q1 2015 is history. Already. Whether your dealership is part of the construction industry or your focus is heavy-duty trucks (or you sell to both industries), marketing should be a top priority this year. These industries are – finally — expected to see a significant jump in business in 2015, and you can’t hope to reap your share of the benefits if you aren’t promoting strategically. So how well have you done so far?

With the year 25% gone and the busy season heating up, it’s time to make sure your content marketing plan is on track to attract more leads and convert them. Here are some tips to rev up your marketing:

taking on too much marketing strategyMore is not necessarily better.

Yes, you have to create and distribute enough new marketing content to stay fresh and top-of-mind with prospects if you expect to attract more leads and nurture them effectively. But that doesn’t mean you should work yourself into a frenzy to meet some formula that dictates how many blog articles you have to publish each week or how many times you need to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Formulas are meant to be guidelines, because every business is different. Your dealership has a very different audience than a big box store or a bank, so the only publishing schedule that matters is the one that best meets the needs of your prospects.

marketing schedule posting consitentcyYour needs count, too. With limited marketing staff and plenty for them to do, content marketing is always a balancing act. The “right” number of new blog articles, for instance, depends on what you can reasonably produce. The key is to maintain a consistent publishing schedule.

There’s more to “content” than just your blog.

Studies that show blogging is the most effective way to attract new leads, aside from maintaining a great website. But you cannot succeed by blogging alone, nor do you want to. Producing content in numerous lengths and formats enables you to reach the most prospects, and that brings greater ROI on your time investment.

types-of-contentMixing things up keeps marketing more interesting for you, too. So consider:

  • Infographics
  • E-books
  • Video
  • Photos
  • SlideShare
  • Tip sheets
  • Writing guest blog posts for your customers or suppliers

Some of these things make excellent premium content you can offer in exchange for a prospect’s email address. You’re not only attracting leads, you’re starting to build that all-important relationship that enables you to convert leads into customers.

You can save a tremendous amount of time by repurposing existing content that’s really great. Divide up an e-book into blog-size chapters to publish individually or as a series. Or do the opposite – turning a collection of related blog articles into an e-book. Turn data in your e-book into an infographic, or a series of Twitter Tidbits.

video marketingVideo is a must-have.

Trucks and construction equipment move when they’re working, and so should your content. Video represents the majority of web traffic, and it’s growing. Use your smartphone to create short videos that demonstrate how to do use the newest dashboard technology or give a tour of the snazzy cab on a just-arrived truck.

Invite customers to create content for you.

Hold a selfie promotion, where customers submit photos (or video) of themselves on the road or on the jobsite with your trucks or equipment. Ask Facebook or Twitter followers to submit their best business tip for saving fuel or working more productively. The opportunity to see themselves on your website or in your social posts is a sure lure to encourage participation.

PEER Strategy | Evolve | SEO | Loyalty BoundDon’t neglect SEO.

It’s a simple fundamental – if people can’t easily find your website and content when they search online, you might as well be invisible.

Use these reminders and ideas to rev up your marketing now, so you can attract more leads and convert them throughout the rest of the year.


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