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Boost Customer Engagement With These 5 Content Marketing Tips For The Construction Industry

Boost Customer Engagement With These 5 Content Marketing Tips For The Construction Industry

Boost Customer Engagement With These 5 Content Marketing Tips For The Construction Industry

There’s nothing passive about marketing anymore, no matter where your customers fall within the construction industry. They have too many options, and they’re “on” to purely promotional, all-about-your-dealership advertising and marketing. They want and expect more from you – the kind of customer engagement that demonstrates your concern for them.

In return, building that kind of customer engagement will bring you unprecedented customer loyalty. Because, in the end, despite all the choices your customers have, they would rather deal with people they respect and trust. That’s your dealership and your team of professionals, if you “sell” yourself well. Content marketing is the key — what you say to prospects and existing customers, where and how you deliver your messages.

personas_sheetsIn a sense, you’re creating a “persona” for your dealership.

That’s important because your brand is far more than your name and logo. It’s everything your dealership does and projects to the world. You want your brand to be synonymous with excellence and value, whether customers are looking to purchase equipment, get it serviced, rent a machine or get advice they can count on. You can use content to show you’re the best, comprehensive resource for your type construction industry prospects and customers.

Here are five ways you can use content marketing to attract and strengthen customer engagement:

  1. Know your audience.

Yes, you’ve heard this before, but how well do you really know your different types of prospects? Content that cuts through all the marketing noise out there has to resonate precisely with the folks you most want to reach. Otherwise, you’ll attract poor quality “leads,” wasting precious marketing dollars. Content marketing also has to differentiate your dealership clearly as The Best Choice. You can’t do that unless you know what your prospects consider “best.”

  1. money_making_ideas_flat_Icon-02Demonstrate value.

Differentiation is a big part of your dealership’s value proposition – the “why” that drives prospects to choose you over the competition. The more – and more skillfully – you deliver relevant content, the easier it will be to convince people to choose you. Volume and consistency are important here, because – like all forms of marketing – repetition increases visibility. People remember your name, and that familiarity builds trust. Your content marketing is more credible, in part because you’re more visible.

  1. Personalize your engagement.

Someone who is just starting to investigate a particular piece of equipment for their fleet has different questions and concerns than someone who has narrowed their search and is ready to buy. You have to offer content that assists prospects no matter where they are on that buying journey. And you have to offer content that keeps existing customers engaged with your dealership, too. Beyond offering the right messages, make sure you’re delivering that content via the channels your prospects favor.

  1. Boost Customer Engagement With These 5 Content Marketing Tips For The Construction IndustryStudy your results for continuous improvement.

Digital content marketing provides a wealth of information about what is working and what is not. Use that data to continuously evaluate and refine your content marketing. You can tweak every little detail, from messaging to delivery channels, to design features and timing. Each of these elements affects potential customer engagement.

  1. Close the circle.

You work hard to attract new customers. You want to retain them for many years – hopefully for life. That’s where loyalty comes in. As we noted at the beginning, customer convenience or habit are no longer in play to secure repeat sales. You have to continuously prove your value in order to strengthen the bond with each customer.

That comes from every contact you have with customers, but you can deliberately encourage loyalty with meaningful rewards such as ADI’s Customer Loyalty Program. We developed this easy-to-use program specifically for dealerships like yours and construction industry customers like yours. And it works.

Now go back and re-read point #1. Your content marketing efforts are doomed if you don’t understand who you’re talking to – and who you want to be talking to. When you know your audience well, you’ll have no trouble boosting customer engagement at every level.




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