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Boost Productivity with Business Services

Boost Productivity with Business Services | ADI Agency

Boost Productivity with Business Services

Here we are in the heart of the busy season. Your dealership is humming, assisting customers with their construction equipment and/or heavy duty truck needs. And yet you’re spending precious time and energy on administrative tasks. Time and energy you could – and should — be devoting to bottom-line builders like marketing and customer relations. Or planning your next expansion or other big move.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Obviously, you cannot simply ignore the administrative and HR sides of your business. But you can offload them.

Savvy Truck & Equipment Dealerships Outsource Human Resources | ADI AgencyOutsourcing business services is smart business

Consider this: customers come to you for advice on buying, renting, maintaining, and efficiently using their vehicles and equipment. Your dealership is staffed with experts that can help them make effective decisions and work more productively. You can benefit your dealership in that same way, by enlisting a team of business services experts.

ADI has you covered. You know there is no agency like ours, with years of hands-on experience in managing truck and heavy equipment dealerships. We know what you’re up against. And where turning to someone else for help will do you the most practical good.

That’s why we used our insurance industry expertise to develop a portfolio of insurance products specifically for dealerships like yours. And marketing services that speak meaningfully to your top audiences. You’re probably using some or all of those services right now. But we can do even more for you, linking you with other essential but non-core services.

Outsourcing business “paperwork” can not only save you time, it can relieve stress, headaches, and the nagging worry that you are missing something. Something that could cost you in fines or some other reprimand. It’s a legitimate concern, because complying with government regulations and reporting rules accurately and on time is no easy task. Especially for small businesses with limited staffing. With experts handling the details, you can relax.

How can professional business services help you?

  • Payroll, for one thing. You provide wage and hour details, someone else will process payroll and reimbursable expenses, prepare pay checks or direct deposits, run reports, etc. Do you even know how much time your people are spending on payroll and related tasks each month? Depressingly, it’s probably more than you imagine. Just keeping up with tax and withholding rules that change every year can be a nightmare.
  • Personnel related necessities. We’re talking about tracking and calculating time and attendance, developing and updating employee handbooks, creating appropriate job descriptions and processes and documents for on-boarding new employees. These things are crucial but time-consuming. And, once again, when the rules change everything else has to change, too.
  • Boost Productivity with Business Services | ADI AgencyBenefits program management. These days, even loyal employees may decide to go elsewhere if the benefits are better. A strong, relevant menu of benefits choices is a must. But like everything else, it takes time to research and choose what’s best for your people and then put it in play. By using professional business services experts who serve multiple businesses, you can even enjoy the savings and opportunities that come with economies of scale. Better rates, or more options, in health and other insurance benefits. More retirement savings options. More non-traditional choices in voluntary benefits.
  • Record-keeping and timely reporting. Need we say more?
  • Workers comp program management. You certainly can’t afford to make mistakes here. Wouldn’t it be nice to know someone else is on the job, working to ensure that every dollar and detail of your workers comp program is accurate? Collecting insurance premiums each pay period. Preparing audit wage reports. Helping with claims. You can even get help with pay-as-you-go options, if you want.
  • Safety program management. A comprehensive, well-executed safety program is your first line of defense against workers comp claims. How nice to know someone else is handling everything from safety manual development and on-the-ground training to monitoring your OSHA compliance.

And if your internal staff didn’t have to content with all that, just think of what they could be doing instead.

Oh, what a relief!

Peace of mind is priceless. Recouping time and talent you can direct to other dealership business – also priceless. The sooner you take control of your administrative work by letting experts handle the details, the sooner you can pick up the pace of building your dealership.

Let’s talk soon.

Boost Productivity with Business Services | ADI Agency

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