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Bring Customers In for Servicing For End of Paving Season Repairs

Bring Customers In for Servicing For End of Paving Season Repairs To Their Asphalt Paver

Bring Customers In for Servicing For End of Paving Season Repairs To Their Asphalt Paver

Paving season is over now, unless a few of your customers are really scrambling to finish a job. It’s time to put that asphalt paver away for the winter. But not too fast. There are some decisions each customer should be making about their asphalt paver before they simply move on – decisions you can help with.

asphalt roller paving equipmentFor one thing, it’s smarter to plan ahead than wait till the last minute. So now is the ideal time to bring a “retiring” asphalt paver into your shop for servicing. That way it will be ready to go as soon as the next paving season rolls around. Contractors should also evaluate whether it’s more cost-effective at this point to retire the paver for good.

After all, the machine is another year older now. Replacing it will give your customer the newest technologies and gizmos that can make next year’s paving season more productive (and more profitable).

Promoting service and repair

Many manufacturers offer special pricing on parts and repairs this time of year. You customers won’t automatically know that, so tell them. It’s timely marketing for your dealership and a chance for your customers to save some of their hard-earned money. Since your shop is slower now, your crew has time to carefully evaluate the condition of each asphalt paver – the engine, hydraulics, augers and the auger drive chain, the conveyor and conveyor flights and the screen plates.

sales_team-02Adding up needed service and repairs will help you give each owner sound recommendations about whether to service or replacement are best. This kind of “extra mile” effort strengthens relationships with customers. It increases their loyalty to you. Having a closer relationship with you can also put them in a better position next season if they need emergency assistance with a paver problem. If you’re their go-to dealership, they know exactly who to call to get help out of a jam.

Promoting sales

Year-end can be an excellent time to replace an asphalt paver, too. Special pricing is likely in play from your OEMs, and your customers can avoid any potential delays that might occur during the pre-season rush to re-outfit equipment fleets. Besides, you can count on prices being higher next spring. So talk with your customers – and new prospects – about deals, lead time, etc.

6 Proven Ways To Create New Sales On An Equipment or Truck Dealership Blog-02Year-end purchases can also bring your customers valuable tax benefits. However, they will probably have to take delivery before January 1 in order to take full advantage of those tax write-offs, so pending lead times can become an issue. Talk to your people right away to avoid this.

If they choose to purchase a new paver, they’ll need to sell the old one. You can help with that, too, advising about trade-in or resale value and perhaps even offering to help sell the machine.

It’s all about marketing. OEMs provide parts, service and sales programs this time of year for a reason. Your job as the dealership is to link those opportunities with customers and prospects. Use your regular marketing efforts – your website, blog, email, etc. to inform everyone on your list about how they can save by addressing their asphalt paver needs now rather than waiting.


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