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ADI Agency Will Help Your Dealership Parallel the Construction Growth!

Construction Growth is Climbing in 2014 & ADI Agency Will Help Your Dealership Parallel that Growth-01

Construction Growth is Climbing in 2014 & ADI Agency Will Help Your Dealership Parallel that Growth!

No doubt you’ve already heard the good news – the construction industry is predicted to grow significantly this year. It’s about time.

Every year, Wells Fargo Equipment Finance studies construction industry trends, and they give this year’s Optimism Quotient a snappy score of 124. What does that mean? Well, consider that the score last year was 106. And in 2009 it was 42.

GrowthWells says about 55% of both residential and non-residential construction industry survey respondents expect to see marked growth this year. This further underscores the possibilities for 2014, because the two sectors are rarely aligned in their expectations.

The survey also indicates rentals will be big this year. Contractors report they plan to increase use of rental equipment, because they’re concerned about fluctuating workloads. But they’re also looking forward to using rentals to capture new work that their permanent fleet can’t handle. For dealerships that rent construction equipment, that’s more good news.

Is your dealership prepared to take advantage of this construction industry growth spurt?

ADI Agency can help, in two significant ways.

We’ll link you up with Protect My Iron®.

Protect My Iron® | ADI Agency | PMINothing says equipment protection like an extended warranty. With an increased number of jobs in the offing, the last thing your sales and rental customers need is an untimely mechanical breakdown. But things happen. Protect My Iron® is an outstanding extended warranty plan, offering powertrain, powertrain plus hydraulics or full machine coverage.

But there’s more. This premier program – available to your dealership and customers directly from ADI Agency – includes a web-based portal. The system can house all your extended warranty documents, and you, customers and OEMs all have easy 24/7 access to equipment information or claims monitoring. Simple, effective protection.

04242014_engine_icons-01We’ll ensure your marketing is firing on all cylinders.

Contractors will be looking to expand their fleets and rent more machines. They’ll need parts and service, not to mention knowledgeable, experienced advice about the latest construction trends and practices that can help them make more money. Will you be their first choice for all that?

Not if your marketing needs a tune-up.

ADI Agency is your perfect marketing partner, because we’re not only marketing experts, we come from the construction industry. You don’t have to explain to us what’s important or what it takes to grow your business. We can get right down to work, helping you generate bigger brand awareness and better bottom line results.

We can help you develop an entirely new marketing plan, or step in to help boost a specific component. That might include:

  • The PEER Strategy | Digital Marketing | Loyalty Bound | ADI Agency | Construction Equipment & Truck DealersA broad-scale PEER analysis. For successful marketing, you need to Prepare, Evolve, Engage and Retain customers. It’s an ongoing cycle, and if you have a weak link, your customer “supply chain”  can break. You want to stand out from the competition, continuously reinforcing your reputation as the go-to resource for contractors.
  • Website analysis that uncovers opportunities to improve your site’s design, content and SEO.
  • Creating a content plan for your blog. Or we can help you start one and manage it for you. If you don’t have a well-targeted blog these days, your dealership is at a distinct disadvantage.
  • Strengthen your social presence. You don’t need every social media platform, but you do need to strategically consider which ones to use and how to use them most effectively.
  • Setting you up with a loyalty program that offers meaningful rewards for your customers.
  • Helping assess your online metrics to improve your marketing. Your analytics can also uncover new insights about your existing and prospective customers.

So fasten your seat belt for a great ride. But before you do that, consider all that your dealership has to offer, with an eye toward bolstering anything you can to make yourself indispensable to your current customers and potential customers alike. ADI Agency can help. Give us a call.

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