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ADI Introduces New Business Services for Dealerships

ADI Introduces New Business Services for Dealerships
ADI Introduces New Business Services for Dealerships

ADI Introduces New Business Services for Dealerships

You love your employees. They’re great people. Your dealership wouldn’t be able to grow and thrive without them. But let’s face it – you hate payroll. What a headache, right? Here at ADI, we know first-hand what it’s like to run a trucking and/or construction equipment dealership. That’s why we’re introducing a suite of businesses services we know you’ll love as much as you love your people.

Administrative tasks such as payroll are important, to be sure. They’re necessary, but they are not your core business — they take time and energy, but they don’t generate any income. Small business owners across every industry have figured out that outsourcing these activities is a lot smarter.

Why do you hate payroll?

Payroll | Employee Services | ADI AgencyAll that paper-pushing. The time it takes. The constantly-changing rules that make it ever-more-difficult to understand what you need to do or stay in compliance. The threat of fines or other penalties if you make mistakes.

There is a better way. By handing these tasks off to experts, you can say goodbye to the headaches and recapture precious time. All you have to do is provide wage and hour information. Someone else will take it from there, handling:

  • Processing payroll, travel and expenses
  • Processing wage attachments, if needed
  • Printing checks or making electronic deposits
  • Producing payroll reports
  • Answering questions from employees
  • Responding to employment or wage verification requests

In other words, the “whole enchilada” of payroll administration.

Time is at a premium for everyone on your staff

Many dealerships can’t afford to have a separate Human Resources Manager, let alone an entire department to manage payroll, worker’s comp, safety education, insurance, benefits, etc. etc. So all those crucial tasks fall to someone whose job is technically not HR. This work may even be spread among several individuals. This is not efficient.

Perhaps you’ve tried to streamline and stay ahead of ever-changing regulations by adopting software solutions. What we’ve found is that most dealerships wind up with a handful of HR applications, each aimed at a specific need. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now you’re managing multiple software platforms to get the work done. That’s no improvement.

You are not in the payroll business. It makes more sense to offload this work to someone who is an HR professional.

Payroll is just the beginning

Managing the human resources side of your dealership requires a lot more than paying people. And those other aspects of HR can be just as time-consuming and just as risky when it comes to mistakes and compliance failures. That’s why our suite of business services is designed to lighten your load in lots of other ways beyond payroll:

  • Complete administration of your worker’s comp program
  • Managing time and attendance details
  • Managing your safety program and compliance
  • Expanding and managing your employee benefits program (or getting you started on one!)
  • Comprehensive oversight of all your HR-related record keeping

Once you sign up for payroll services, you can choose to take advantage of any or all of these additional benefits.

All of the marketing and insurance services ADI provides for trucking and construction equipment dealerships are designed to address specific issues we know you face as a dealer. Dealerships are increasingly taking advantage of our services because they custom-tailored to help grow your business. They also help you help your customers grow their businesses. We believe services that streamline and enhance your HR efforts represent another valuable opportunity to grow your dealership:

  • You can stop worrying about making monetary or reporting mistakes
  • You can rest assured, knowing you’re meeting all compliance requirements, accurately and on time
  • You can take pride in the fact that you’re doing everything you can to provide resources that benefit and protect your employees

Thanks to economies of scale, you can do more than you could ever do on your own – and do it cost-effectively. With these new business services, you can invest more in things that directly grow your business – customer relationships, marketing, etc. – because you’ll be free of tedious administrative tasks.

So let’s talk. The sooner you give us a call, the sooner you can start operating more efficiently and more profitably.


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