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Savvy Truck & Equipment Dealerships Outsource Human Resources

Savvy Truck & Equipment Dealerships Outsource Human Resources | ADI Agency
Savvy Truck & Equipment Dealerships Outsource Human Resources | ADI Agency

Savvy Truck & Equipment Dealerships Outsource Human Resources

With peak season already underway for trucking firms, construction companies, and everyone else who operates heavy equipment outdoors, things are probably hopping around your dealership. And you’re only going to get busier as the summer wears on. That means you’re squeezed even tighter when it comes to carving out time to handle essential administrative details.

Your customers come first, of course. But you can’t very well put off payroll, or tax filings, or compliance reporting. These things are time-critical, and making mistakes or failing to meet deadlines can cost you dearly. And when it comes to human resources, these things are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are so many more details you have to know and manage. Benefits. Worker’s comp. Safety. You know what we mean.

Human Resources | Employee Services | ADI AgencyHow you handle HR affects more than record keeping. It can significantly impact your ability to hire and retain the best of the best to staff your dealership. Despite that fact, human resources responsibilities are not your core business. Keeping up can be a struggle, and it keeps you from focusing on what is your core business – marketing your dealership and serving customers.

You need help

Help from someone who knows what it’s like to manage truck and heavy-duty equipment dealerships. Businesses like yours already rely on our team of professionals here at ADI Agency, for a wide range of marketing and insurance needs. But did you know that we can also connect you with the employee services assistance you so badly need?

No matter how big your dealership is, you’re still a small business. And one thing small business owners and managers know is that time is the most precious resource of all. You cannot do everything that needs to get done, because you don’t have the time or the personnel. Outsourcing crucial-but-not-core departments such as HR makes more sense.

Savvy Truck & Equipment Dealerships Outsource Human Resources | ADI AgencyPayroll, and a whole lot more

The first step to outsourcing employee services is payroll. It’s your greatest burden because it’s complex and it’s recurring. Once you team up with our employee services experts to handle your dealership’s payroll program, you can then enlist their help with any number of other HR-related services. For example . . .

When was the last time you overhauled your employee handbook?
Do you even have such a thing? Do you have up-to-date, written job descriptions for all the positions at your dealership? Do you have HR forms and a formal process in place for on-boarding new hires? Did you just snort with laughter as you read these questions? “Oh, sure,” you say. “We have loads of time and the expertise to create all that.” We understand. But the thing is, your business needs these things, and your employees do, too.

How much time do you spend on time and attendance?
You have to keep track of each employee’s work presence, whether they are paid a salary or hourly. Without this information, you can’t do payroll, calculate vacation or other paid time off benefits, or know for certain that people are getting the breaks and lunch periods they are legally entitled to. So how do you record and manage this information? An employee services professional can set you up with whatever process and authentication method works best for your dealership. You’ll be more efficient.

Payroll | Employee Services | ADI Agency

Don’t you just love record-keeping and compliance reporting?
We noted earlier that you can’t escape or scrimp on these requirements of business life. But so many dealership managers tell us this is one of the things that keeps them awake at night. Legal rules keep changing, and there are so many state and federal agencies – even local municipalities – whose regulations you must follow.

Payroll withholding and taxes. Unemployment taxes. Worker’s comp and disability insurance. The Family Medical Leave Act, COBRA, and we won’t even mention all the work associated with managing your voluntary benefits program. Wouldn’t you rather have a trained professional take over these responsibilities? Someone who can focus on only that instead of trying to do their “real” job at the same time? Of course you would.

What a relief!

Deciding to outsource Human Resources to professionals lifts the many HR burdens off your shoulders and gives you peace of mind. You can be confident that everything is getting done. You’re doing everything right, and on time. Finally, your in-house staff can re-focus on growing your dealership. Just in time for the busy season.

So why wait? Call us now, and our ADI pros will connect you with the employee services you need.

Savvy Truck & Equipment Dealerships Outsource Human Resources | ADI Agency

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