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Dealership’s Marketing Team Can Increase Sales During The Summer

How Your Dealership's Marketing Team Can Increase Sales During The Summer Slump

How Your Dealership’s Marketing Team Can Increase Sales During The Summer Slump

The summer slump is upon us – the time of year when construction equipment sales are slow because prospects and customers are busy making a living, earning the money to buy next year’s new machinery. Nonetheless, there are things you can do with your dealership’s marketing to increase sales during these months from listless to lively.

  1. construction equipment rental incomeFocus on rentals.

Your customers and prospects need to fill in when machines are down or they need more power to get the job done, so promote rentals in your dealership’s marketing. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce customers to new equipment – once they see for themselves what it can do for them, they’ll want to add one to their permanent fleet.

  1. Focus on parts, service and repairs.

With such a constricted time frame in which to generate revenue, time is more than money for your customers. Promote your ability to get them fast diagnosis and fast fixes so they can get equipment back to work. Promote your jobsite parts delivery or tech service that will save time and transport costs for down machines.

  1. Beef up social engagement.

PEER Strategy | Engage | Loyalty BoundYour audience is on the go, and they have a lot on their minds. Posting sort “snippets” via Facebook, Twitter, etc. allows you to stay in touch in a way that’s easily accommodating. Pass along information that saves them time — breaking industry news, reminders about hot-weather personnel safety, tips for keeping equipment performing at peak levels when they need it most. You’re supporting your dealership’s marketing goals and at the same time helping your customers increase sales, too, through greater efficiencies.

Hold a contest or simply solicit photos from prospects and customers of their current jobs – machines and people at work, getting it done. It’s no summer slump for them, but this kind of engagement is super-quick and easy, with just a couple of clicks of the smartphone or tablet. Zoom in on particular types or models of equipment you want to promote.

  1. Create promotions or giveaways to collect fresh prospects.

PEER Strategy | Engage | How Whitepaper Offers Convert LeadsDon’t just promote your prowess in the parts/service department and repair shop to existing customers, this is a golden opportunity to draw in new prospects. Connect with them now when they need help most – don’t forget to promote your rental fleet — and you’ll prove your value as the place to go when they need new equipment.

Give away merchandise branded with your logo or other goodies to thank summer customers. And promote your customer loyalty program.

  1. Blog about the latest and greatest products you sell to encourage inquiries.

Use those photos customers are sending in to illustrate your articles. Tell real-customer stories about how the equipment you sell is helping them be more productive, make more money, get more jobs, etc.

  1. Get involved in the community.

hand_shake_flat_icon-02This is the time of year when there are lots of association golf tournaments, municipal clam bakes, festivals, etc. All these are don’t miss opportunities to increase your visibility and networking. Gather the staff and join in the fun. Or volunteer at an event, to help behind the scenes, etc. Be sure to outfit everyone in T-shirts or polos with your name and logo. Take photos or video and share your experience on social media.

This is also the time when many municipal business directories are produced – make sure you’re included as part of your dealership’s marketing.

  1. Plan now for a great fall/winter sales season.

Since things are slower right now, it’s the perfect time to get your sales and marketing people together to plan a killer sales push for fall and winter. Why be taken by surprise when you know it’s coming? Advance planning when you aren’t rushed will bring best ideas and allow time for them to percolate.

Meanwhile, you’ll be able to increase sales now, instead of giving in to the summer slump.

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