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Maximize the Longevity of Your Articulated Dump Truck With These 10 Tips

Maximize the Longevity of Your Articulated Dump Truck With These 10 Tips

Maximize the Longevity of Your Articulated Dump Truck With These 10 Tips

Construction equipment is expensive. Naturally, your customers want to get the maximum return on their investment. When it comes to an articulated dump truck, they will need both low total cost of ownership and high productivity. It can be a complex balancing act. Not only do jobsite conditions vary considerably, how customers use their articulated dump truck makes a difference, too.

Boost Customer Engagement With These 5 Content Marketing Tips For The Construction IndustryIncreasing machine longevity depends on three factors, all working together:

  • Choosing the right ADT for the job at hand
  • Ensuring it receives the right maintenance
  • Operating the machine in the right way

Customers routinely look to your dealership for advice on getting the most from their equipment. Passing along these 10 best practices will help them maximize ROI from their articulated dump truck.

The right machine for the job

  • Using a larger-than-needed ADT is wasteful. Does the job call for hauling smaller loads shorter distances, or hauling huge volumes long distances? Equally important, the size of the wheel loader or excavator should match the capacity the size of the ADT. If the job calls for using multiple articulated dump trucks on one haul road, using same-sized vehicles can relieve driveline stress.
  • Match tires and body options to working conditions. The size, type, and width all affect tire performance and longevity. Sharp rocks and hard-packed roads especially reduce tire life, and tire sinking puts undue stress on the driveline. Using a body liner prolongs dump body life, by reducing abrasion and impact damage.
  • Use the right safety equipment to avoid accidents. Meeting OSHA and MSHA requirements for ADTs protects vehicles as well as personnel.

Diesel Engine Cooling System Maintenance The Basics & Tips from the ExpertsThe right maintenance for the machine

  • Manufacturers provide service recommendations for a reason. Performing all tasks when and how specified helps prevent problems and increase ADT longevity. In addition to maintenance, regular visual inspection of the driveline, structural components, and tires can help spot damage before it causes costly accidents and downtime. Automatic lube systems and fleet management software can help ensure accurate, timely maintenance.
  • That said, sometimes job conditions dictate a different maintenance schedule. For example, air filters must be cleaned more often when it’s very dusty, and it’s a good idea to use engine precleaners. To ensure adequate protection in extreme temperatures, specialized lubricants and oils may be needed. And double shifting is harder on components, so vehicles should be serviced more often.
  • Eliminate unnecessary idling. It’s obvious that reducing travel time can save on fuel, but idling is another fuel-waster. Working to make loading and unloading more efficient saves money on fuel as well as job time.

Maximize the Longevity of Your Articulated Dump Truck With These 10 Tips-02The right operation for the conditions

  • Safety training is essential. The more hands-on training operators receive, the better hey get to know their articulated dump truck. They can work more proficiently as well as safer.
  • Don’t overload the vehicle. It’s tempting to overload ADTs, because it seems to increase productivity. However, this practice ultimately causes premature wear and tear on machines, reducing their longevity and increasing maintenance/repair costs. Overloading shortens the life of expensive tires, too.
  • Make sure operators understand the ADTs limits. Pushing vehicles past rated capacities is asking for accidents, especially during dumping and turning actions. Heavy ADTs have braking limits operators must respect, too.
  • Increase operator visibility. Many newer articulated dump trucks have sloped hoods, center-mounted cabs, and better fender design, all of which improve forward visibility. But operators need to see behind the vehicle, too, to avoid accidents while backing up. Adding larger, adjustable mirrors and back-up cameras are two good safety measures.

With common sense and proper preparation, your customers will be able to maximize the longevity of their articulated dump truck. They’ll thank you for supplying these tips.

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