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Rental Marketplace Brings Equipment Rental Online | Rental Marketplace Brings Equipment Rental Rental Marketplace Brings Equipment Rental Online

For many contractors, equipment rental can be a life-saver. Rentals enable you to boost high-season productivity by completing jobs faster, taking on more jobs or different types of jobs than your permanent fleet would accommodate. Rentals fill in when critical machines break down.

Create A Better Warranty Claim Experience for You And Your Customers with Warranty SoftwareSometimes you can plan your rental needs in advance, but that’s not always the case. Regardless, finding the right equipment rental at the right time can mean money in your pocket., a new service introduced this spring by Sandhills Publishing, could make it easier and faster for you to find the machines you need. is a consolidated online marketplace – a single webpage you can use to locate machines available for rent and reserve them for the timeframe you need. The new system is intended to support trucking, agriculture, construction, and heavy equipment needs. It is the latest in a series of resources created by Sandhills Publishing to help link buyers and sellers with diverse products and services in a number of industries and geographic regions.

rentalyard_sidebar-01The webpage is very easy to use.

You have two options:

  • Choose “Request a Rental Quote” and enter the essentials – what type of equipment you need, when and where along with your contact information – and hit “submit.” Your request is automatically sent to relevant rental fleet owners, who can then respond with a quote.
  • Choose “Search by Industry” to zoom in on equipment rental specifically for construction, farm, trucks or trailers. You can narrow this search by location.

Either way, you will be able to communicate directly with the rental company to finalize your deal and move forward.

Sandhills says fleet owners and operators have used their various publications and websites for a long time to advertise equipment for rent. By dividing the marketplace into industry segments, the new web page makes it more convenient for equipment users to find the machines they need. And fleet owners gain direct access to those customers.

As grows and evolves, Sandhills officials say they will incorporate equipment rental listings from their other resources including,,, and The goal is to create a single, central, simple-to-use rental marketplace for multiple industries.


As a publishing company, Sandhills has developed a range of trade publications and related web-based resources for the agriculture, construction, trucking, heavy equipment, aviation, and technology industries. They believe taking an integrated yet industry-specific approach provides solutions that can effectively help customers of all sizes operate more efficiently and grow their businesses with confidence.

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