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Snow, Snow, Everywhere! Improve Snow Removal Efficiency With 5 Simple Steps

Snow, Snow, Everywhere! Improve Snow Removal Efficiency With 5 Simple Steps

Snow, Snow, Everywhere! Improve Snow Removal Efficiency With 5 Simple Steps

Sheesh! Isn’t spring supposed to be just around the corner? Not just the date, but actual spring weather? When, oh, when, will the snow – and snow removal — ever end?! We can’t be sure, so there’s no time like the present to improve your snow removal efficiency.

cat snow removalThat starts with the right equipment. For example, a sectional snow pusher gives you greater maneuverability. With a drop-and-go-slip hitch, the pusher operates independently and can automatically accommodate any change in pavement. And a steel cutting edge gives you even greater efficiency – you can carve through hard-packed snow and ice, and scrape right down to the pavement in one pass.

Getting to the bottom of snow removal efficiency
Whether you’re clearing the yard at your dealership, or advising customers on cost-effective strategies to improve their snow removal business, these 5 simple steps will help you do a better clearing job and make the work go faster. The sooner you can complete each job, the sooner you can move on to the next one. And quality work speaks for itself:

1. Right equipment, right place
You have to plan ahead to schedule work effectively, making best use of operator and snow pusher time. The size of the property to be cleared dictates the type and amount of equipment needed. Bigger isn’t necessarily better – the pusher should fit the application as well as the size and weight of the loader or skid steer.

Try Another Approach And Get The Best ROI for Your Dealership SEO Efforts-02Are you clearing a large expanse of parking area, in an off time with no vehicle traffic to detour? A 19-foot front-mounted pusher is a great choice for this snow removal project. But not if you’re clearing narrow spaces, especially if other traffic will be moving around or parked nearby.

Knowing what each job entails ahead of time allows you to calculate time and equipment needs and prioritize jobs efficiently, based on snow depth, equipment size, and pushing capacity. You’ll have to consider snow condition, too – wet snow is heavier; therefore it takes longer to move.

2. Conserve salt, to save time and money
With a steel cutting edge mentioned above, as mentioned above, you don’t need to use salt in order to remove ice. With a sectional pusher, you can clear uneven pavement without leaving ice behind in depressions. You save money on salt, but also on labor and job time. You can also avoid the expense of having to bring in a pick-up snow removal operator.

3. The drop-and-go slip hitch advantage
When the pusher can move freely in relation to the loader or skid steer, it can easily adjust to bumps and dips in the surface. The operator doesn’t have to repeatedly correct the position of the pusher for every pass, which saves time and frustration. It’s easier for less-experienced operators to do higher quality work, improving job productivity and reducing unnecessary wear and tear on the pusher.

MHC_CTL_6-22-11_photo_C232_snowAnd there’s one more advantage: a freely-moving pusher enables the equipment to keep moving with least drag, saving money on fuel and, depending on the application, salt.

4. Prepare for field maintenance
Downtime costs money. And if snow removal is a revenue stream for your dealership’s customers, they’re not only losing time, they’re getting off-schedule, which upsets customers. Reputation damage can be the most costly expense of all.

With some prior planning, however, you can minimize downtime. The key is ready availability of parts commonly needed for repairs and maintenance. If a component is damaged, it can often be swapped out in just a few minutes. That beats sitting around waiting for the mechanic to arrive.

Snow, Snow, Everywhere! Improve Snow Removal Efficiency With 5 Simple Steps-025. Support operator performance
During snow removal season, operators are often called on to work long hours. It’s work that requires concentration and alertness, and fatigue leads to mistakes and accidents. That puts people and equipment at risk, not to mention your reputation again. Proper scheduling, breaks, and training all improve operator safety as well as efficiency.

With the right equipment and the right operating plan, you’ll be able to finish off this snow season on a profitable note – and be ready to tackle next season with confidence in a healthier bottom line.

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