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Create A Better Warranty Claim Experience with Warranty Software

Create A Better Warranty Claim Experience for You And Your Customers with Warranty Software

Create A Better Warranty Claim Experience for You And Your Customers with Warranty Software

Let’s face it: construction is a “messy” business. Construction equipment dealers and your customers face plenty of headaches every day. Warranty claims are never planned, always inconvenient and potentially costly in terms of additional hassle and downtime. What if you could eliminate those headaches associated with the warranty process to give your customers and your own people a more satisfying warranty claim experience?

Warranty Connect Screenshot | Warranty Management SoftwareA warranty management software system uses automation to streamline every aspect of the claim process, making it more efficient for everyone involved. In addition to connecting your dealership and customers, you can “read in” OEMs to complete the communication loop. It’s seamless. Any authorized individual who needs information can readily see what the claim is, what information has been collected or is still needed and where the claim is in the decision-making process.

With the right warranty software, all parties can save substantial time, and that creates a better warranty claim experience all around. Paperwork is housed in a single location, with easy remote access. Your warranty rep no longer has to waste time pushing that paper or placing calls to customers to keep them updated on their specific claims. Your customers no longer have to wait around for those calls (or keep calling your office), wondering what’s going on and when their machine can get back to work.

Specific benefits

A comprehensive warranty system benefits your construction equipment dealership by allowing you to easily:

  • your_dealerships_brand-300x300Customize the platform for your dealership to reflect your brand, etc.
  • Provide quick, accurate quotes in real time, 24/7
  • Enable warranty purchases warranties 24/7
  • Provide real-time notification of claim status
  • Produce reports showing details of claim history and equipment purchases
  • Manage rental fleet coverage and tracking

All these features allow you to increase customer satisfaction with better communication and proactive responsiveness. In addition, a comprehensive warranty system directly benefits your customer by allowing them to easily:

  • Access their own portal 24/7
  • Upload and store warranty-related construction equipment documentation, including pictures
  • Initiate a claim
  • Track the claim throughout the process
  • Get a quote 24/7
  • Purchase an extended warranty 24/7

Create A Better Warranty Claim Experience for You And Your Customers with Warranty SoftwareHaving their own online portal gives your customer more control – the power to be in the know rather than depending on someone else for information. They can check for themselves to learn if a particular part of service is covered by their warranty. It also streamlines the documentation process for the claim and enables storage of all documentation and other digital history within a single system.

Choosing the most valuable system

Purchasing a warranty software system is a business investment, so it’s important to select a system that can deliver maximum value for you and your customers. There are several performance features you should look for in a comprehensive system:

  • Portals that enable authorized dealership staff, each end-user and each OEM to access and use the system
  • Seamless communication process to connect all three types of users
  • Ability to upload documents and photos on each piece of construction equipment
  • Ability to track detailed machine history
  • Customizable, detailed reporting

The right system enables messaging, photos and documents to be uploaded instantly for universal access. If the OEM’s claims rep needs to review photos, they’re always accessible.

No one looks forward to having a claim. Time is money, and waiting around for office hours to get things done can be a distinct negative, especially for your customers. For them, the claim process can be daunting as well as frustrating. With the right warranty software, you can do away with negatives and instead provide a comprehensively positive warranty claim experience.

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