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A Seamless Claims Process for Construction Equipment Warranties

Put Your Best Foot Forward With A Seamless Claims Process And Warranty Platform for Construction Equipment Warranties

Put Your Best Foot Forward With A Seamless Claims Process And Warranty Platform for Construction Equipment Warranties

Despite the fact that construction equipment is designed and manufactured to be super-durable, no manufacturing process is perfect. Occasionally something breaks or wears out prematurely. That’s why construction equipment warranties are such an important part of every customer’s risk management program. The same holds true for your dealership, especially if you operate a rental fleet.

When something does go wrong with a customer’s machine, it’s an opportunity for you to demonstrate just how valuable a partner your dealership is. Nothing guarantees customer loyalty like knowing you have their back.

All too often, the warranty claims process seems convoluted, especially when viewed through your customer’s eyes. Their only goal is to get that machine back up and running as quickly as possible, with least disruption to their work schedule or budget. But with both your dealership and the OEM involved in undertaking repairs and settling claims, communication with customers can be less than ideal.

With WarrantyConnect, you can turn that customer service lemon into sweet lemonade.

Warranty Management Software | Warranty Connect | Protect My Iron ®Designed by insurance experts who have extensive construction industry experience, ADI’s WarrantyConnect management software is exactly what you need. It streamlines the entire claims process for construction equipment warranties with automation and accessibility that provides seamless communication among your dealership, OEMs and your customers.

Instead of frustration, you get efficiency and simplicity. You can:

  • Easily track claims every step of the way.
  • Create invoices.
  • Generate detailed reports.
  • Print out your own certificates.

Warranty Connect Screenshot | Warranty Management SoftwareYour staff and customers can access the platform any time, from anywhere they have an internet connection, which makes it easy for everyone to stay up to date. With their own personal portal, customers can store all their claim-related files in one place, including all pertinent information about each piece of equipment and photos. They can track any claim at their own convenience, to keep an eye on repair progress.

That means customers don’t have to keep calling your office to ask what’s happening with their claim, and your administrative staff members don’t have to spend time making repeated calls to customers to keep them informed. Instead of frustration, you’ve improved customer service (and satisfaction) and helped your staff work more productively, too. That’s a pretty good return on any investment.

With versions for both OEMs and dealers, WarrantyConnect is customizable to meet your needs. Beyond monitoring claims, the platform enables you to offer quotes in real time and even issue warranties 24/7.

Why stop there?

ADI Agency Insurance Programs for Construction EquipmentADI offers consulting and brokerage services to help your dealership establish insurance programs that benefit customers and generate additional revenue for you. In effect, using our services allows your dealership to become an insurance agent, offering construction equipment insurance products directly to customers. That includes:

That saves your customers time and makes you more valuable to them. For your dealership, insurance liability becomes an asset, and that’s good for your bottom line.

It’s hard enough for your customers to make money these days. By offering construction equipment warranties and a simple way to track claims, you can give them valuable peace of mind, knowing their equipment is properly protected should anything go wrong and they can be back on the job as quickly and painlessly as possible. That’s the kind of “extra” that keeps customers coming back to your dealership for new equipment as well as after-market parts and services.

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