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Using a CRM to Increase Commercial Truck Revenue

Using a CRM to Increase Commercial Truck Revenue Integrate Sales And Marketing-01

Using a CRM to Increase Commercial Truck Revenue. Integrate Sales & Marketing.

An increasing number of sales and marketing professionals across many industries are using comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) software to simplify and expand their ability to track and serve customers and prospects. And it’s not just the sales team that’s reaping the benefits.

persona1Today, successfully selling commercial trucks or construction equipment requires knowing as much as possible about each account, so you can customize your approach and respond to people on a more personal basis. Customers expect nothing less. They’re highly connected electronically, and you have to be, too.

Adopting a CRM platform enables you to live up to those customer expectations and it gives you better across-the-board visibility into your sales and marketing efforts.

You can increase revenue.

CRM systems store all your prospect and customer information in a central data base. Customer service and sales people can record each contact and add notes about any  follow-up needed. Because your people have real-time access, they can immediately see or search for the information they need. That means they have the most up-to-date details at their fingertips, even if they’re speaking with someone on the phone.

crm-solutionThey can see the customer’s buying history – what they’ve purchased or rented, whether they have an extended warranty, their service patterns, etc. – to easily identify possible opportunities to upsell them by offering a special rate on a rental, proposing purchase of overstocked accessories in inventory or reminding them it’s time for their fleet’s scheduled maintenance.

Everyone sees the same data – not just sales and marketing, but accounting, service, parts and management. That makes it much easier for everyone to collaborate. Instead of duplication of effort and disorganized responses to calls or questions, you’re all literally on the same page, and that professionalism shows through.

attract leads smallYou can automate tabulation of sales-related tasks, tracking the overall status of your sales pipeline as well as monitoring the progress of pending deals. And your CRM can integrate with web-based lead generation and management. Automated workflows enable you to nurture leads more effectively, providing the right follow-up, at the right time for them.

It all adds up to serious sales results – increase commercial truck revenue.

You can improve sales and marketing planning.

CRM systems not only enable you to capture far more data, you can easily generate a wide variety of sales performance reports to study in conjunction with your marketing analytics.

PEER Strategy | Prepare | Analytics | Loyalty BoundYou can quickly see and compare overall sales results and individual sales person performance. You can see which marketing efforts are paying off and what efforts are wasting time or other resources without an effective return. That makes your entire sales and marketing process more efficient, and it means you can make more accurate projections and plan more strategically.

Because you have more insightful data about customers, you can improve your marketing targeting as well as the content you deliver to each of your target groups.

And you can improve allocation of sales and marketing resources.

CRM benefits everybody.

Streamlining makes your dealership operations more efficient and more effective, day in and day out. You look more innovative and up-to-date. You can respond faster and more appropriately to individual prospects. And you can increase commercial truck revenue and strengthen long-term customer loyalty, because you’re simplifying the buying process, whether it’s their first purchase or they’ve been a customer for years.

CRM enables you to continuously improve your entire sales and marketing process as well as your customer service. And both are equally important to grow your dealership.

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