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The Results Of the 2017 Marketing Trends Survey from Constructive Communication Inc.


The Results Of the 2017 Marketing Trends Survey from Constructive Communication Inc.

Hot off the press, we have the results of the 2017 Marketing Trends Survey. The trends revealed in this report point the way toward more effective marketing for your dealership in 2017. With the new year just around the corner, we know you’re working feverishly to find ways to attract and retain more customers. Your marketing has to be effective, but it has to be cost-effective, too.

social media analyticsWe have two words for you: website and email
These are the two marketing tactics effective dealerships will be focusing on in the coming year. So says Constructive Communication, Inc., the firm that conducts the Marketing Trends Survey each year. This company specializes in marketing and PR for construction industry professionals ranging from architects and engineers to contractors, chemical, and electronics companies. Their annual survey queries participants representing all these areas.

The latest results reinforce one trend marketers and construction communication experts already know well: mobile responsiveness is critical. Your dealership can no longer compete if your website isn’t easy to find and navigate from a mobile device.

All types of construction communication now depend on mobile connectivity. It’s hard to think of another industry where people on the job are more frequently on the go. Across all industries (and including B2C consumers), more than half of all online searches are now done via a mobile device. And Litmus Software says about 55% of all emails are accessed via a smartphone or tablet. You’re not surprised, are you?

sayings_jargon-02So here’s the problem.
If your dealership’s prospects and customers can’t easily communicate with you in these ways, they may not communicate with you at all. That’s not only a marketing faux pas. It’s a customer service failure. And it could be deadly.

The solution is obvious. Now is the time to budget for a website overhaul or upgrade to ensure you’re offering state-of-the-art responsiveness. But the 2017 Marketing Trends Survey identified other key issues and challenges. You’ll want to consider these points as you tune up your own 2017 marketing plan:

  • About 52% of survey participants said newsletters (especially email newsletters) have been their most effective marketing tactic this year. They also cited trade shows, public relations efforts and publication of white papers as high-performance marketing tactics.
  • Nearly 90% of those surveyed said they are planning to spend more on marketing in the coming year.
  • 44% say they plan to implement new marketing strategies in 2017, or invest in new technology such as video or marketing automation to drive greater marketing ROI. They also mentioned making mobile-friendly website upgrades as a priority.
  • Construction communication marketers plan to continue focusing on social media, too. Which channels? 91% named LinkedIn, 70% named Twitter, 65% named Facebook, and 57% named YouTube.

The-Results-Of-the-2017-Marketing-Trends-Survey-from-Constructive-Communication-Inc-2Companies related to the construction industry have challenges beyond marketing, of course. Shrinking profit margins and finding qualified employees were the two issues most often noted by Marketing Trends Survey respondents, but they also expressed concern about healthcare and landing new business opportunities. Again, you’re not surprised, are you?

It’s time to sharpen your dealership’s marketing plan.
Here at ADI agency, our marketing experts come from the construction and trucking industries. We understand first-hand what it takes to make your dealership succeed in an ever-tougher environment. Our innovative PEER marketing approach is specifically formulated to help dealerships take advantage of the latest marketing trends to reach out to prospects and convert them into customers. And to continue building long-lasting, loyal relationships with existing customers.

It will take more than a mobile-friendly website and marketing via email and social media to grow your dealership in 2017. Why not work with your peers to put PEER to work for your dealership? Prepare. Evolve. Engage. Retain. It’s the marketing cycle that can lead you straight to greater success.

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