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Treat Your Equipment Company Like A Sports Team

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Time To Get Competitive In Business | Why You Should Treat Your Equipment Company Like A Sports Team

How do you view the day-to-day management of your equipment company? Is it a chore, or is it fun? It’s easier to have a good day, every day, when you can approach your business filled with energy and focused on your goals. With that in mind, you’ll have more fun and be more competitive in business if you treat your equipment company like a sports team.

rewards loyalty programCompetition builds your business. You’re competing with other dealerships to win new and repeat customers and also to win OEM loyalty. You’re also competing with yourself, to continuously improve and grow your equipment company. But your ultimate goal is increasing profitability. After all, all the revenue in the world won’t matter if you aren’t retaining a comfortable net.

It takes an entire team to win in the equipment business. That’s why the sports analogy makes so much sense.

What do you need to make your fantasy team a reality?

sales_team-02People. You probably already have all-star quality sales professionals on your roster. But are they equipped with the best tools to execute at the top of their game? As skilled as they are, they need other MVPs on the bench to back them up.

Value-added products, for instance. Protect My Iron® extended warranties, loss damage waivers and physical damage insurance products give your sales team more ways to attract interest and close deals. At the same time, these products provide vital protection for buyers or equipment renters. With ADI by your side, you don’t have to be an insurance agent to offer these revenue-generating products. The process is simple, and it’s profitable.

Automation. Wouldn’t you love to have a software application designed exclusively to help equipment companies and customers manage warranty information and claims effortlessly? ADI’s Warranty Connect is more than an MVP, it’s in a league by itself. You’ll love the efficiency, and your crowd of customers will roar with approval (and thanks) for streamlining their paperwork.

Following Through After the Sale How Construction Equipment Product Support Creates Loyal CustomersRewards program. ADI’s Customer Loyalty Program – another program designed specifically for equipment companies – scores every time. It’s easy to tailor to your dealership and clientele, allowing you to offer meaningful bottom-line incentives to keep your best customers coming back for more, more often.

Marketing strategy. Let’s face it. No team wins without a play book and coordination. ADI’s PEER inbound marketing strategy – prepare, evolve, engage, retain – helps you devise a strong plan, create relevant and timely content and deliver it right into the hands of your best receivers (you may call them prospects). PEER draws new traffic, generates solid leads, converts them into customers and builds long-term loyalty. It’s the cycle of success.

Managing an equipment company isn’t for the weak. When you have the right players on your team and the right tools so everyone can perform at their best, your equipment company will be a big winner. Your dealership will grow. Be more profitable. And you’ll have more fun getting there.

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