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Top 10 Smart Phone Apps for Truck Drivers & Commercial Fleets


Top 10 Smart Phone Apps for Truck Drivers & Commercial Fleets

Who would have thought that a phone could become such an amazingly useful tool for truck drivers? Yet the continuous flow of emerging technologies has turned the smart phone into a full-blown mini-computer, right in the palm of your hand. Since chances are you have a smart phone, we thought you’d like to know about some particularly valuable new Apps for Truck Drivers.

How do we know you probably have a smart phone? American Truck Business Services (ATBS) recently conducted a survey of truck drivers and found that 79% use one. Over 90% of those smart phone users reported they download apps for their phone.

These 10 apps for Truck Drivers have been specifically designed to make life easier for truckers on the road, from owner-operators to commercial truck fleets. Easier means you can be more efficient and more productive. More profitable. And there’s an added bonus: seven of these apps are free. Let’s start with them.

  1. Fuelbook. This is the only fuel locator app that is updated six times a day, which makes it the most accurate.
  2. Weatherchannel. You can get real-time weather forecasts and alerts, but there are rather a lot of ads on this app so it can be a little frustrating.
  3. Google Maps. Just like on your computer at home. In satellite view, you can easily see entrances and loading docks for most addresses.
  4. TruckSmart. If you frequent Travel Centers of America (TA) or Petro, you can find nearby locations, see fuel pricing and store discounts and check your loyalty points. Better yet, you can book a parking space and a shower before you arrive.
  5. Camscanner. Use your smart phone as a scanner to quickly capture all your paperwork – documents, receipts, notes, etc. – then upload, email or fax them to your office or the home office.
  6. Skype. Stay in touch with family and friends, no matter where you are or what calling plans and devices you all have. The video feed can get sketchy if your internet connection is weak.
  7. smart-phone[1]Freightliner Hauler Challenge. This one’s for when you’re off the road. It’s a game in which you pair up your favorite Freightliner tractor-trailer and NASCAR® team and race against the clock. Aside from the fun, this app teaches important business principles for managing a successful trucking business. And it won’t wear out your phone battery like most games.

And these three Apps for Truck Drivers and commercial truck fleets cost a little, but your ROI could be huge.

  1. PocketFuelCal. $1.99 is insignificant compared to having the ability to calculate the effects of fuel surcharges. You can figure your cost per mile or km as well as the total, and reference the DOE fuel price index within the app.
  2. Beat the Traffic+. $3.99 bring you the ability to find the fastest route by avoiding traffic problems or bad road conditions. You can see the information in real time, when you need it most, and also receive alerts about problems on one of your saved routes.
  3. ITSTrucker. While the app itself is free, there is a $35 monthly membership fee. On the other hand, this app allows you to search for freight and also post your truck on ITS, the nation’s largest load board.

Apps for Truck Drivers

Save time, save money. A lot less hassle, and a little more fun.

Anyone whose business depends on heavy duty trucks knows that fuel costs and on-the-road delays can make or break your bottom line. And truck drivers can always use a few extra conveniences. Check out these phone apps for Truck Drivers in greater detail and see which ones can do the most for your trucking business.


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