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Try Another Approach And Get The Best ROI for Your Dealership SEO Efforts

Try Another Approach And Get The Best ROI for Your Dealership SEO Efforts

Try Another Approach And Get The Best ROI for Your Dealership SEO Efforts

There are a lot of technical tricks you can use to improve your website’s search engine optimization. But the truth is, focusing on improving your website’s “customer service” will do more for you. And you don’t have to become a techno whiz to boost your dealership SEO and marketing ROI.

Failed approaches

broken down machine frustrationSome dealers that see their competitors getting ahead think they should just copy whatever those competitors are doing – after all, it’s working for them. While that may be easy, it’s the last thing you want to do. It’s also not unusual to see dealership marketers reach out in desperation to anyone that says they can help build SEO. Unless you choose wisely, you could spend substantial sums and wind up with little to show for it.

By zeroing in on customer service improvements, you’re taking a proactive approach that also helps set your dealership apart. Differentiation is critical if you want to grow your reputation and revenue.

Customer-centric SEO starts with telling your audience what you do.

By now, you know the overall goal of your website should be to establish your dealership as knowledgeable and trustworthy. Creating website content that helps prospects simplify and improve their own business management efforts demonstrates your ability and willingness to serve as an ongoing working partner, not just a place to purchase equipment and get it serviced.

Your website should have a separate page for every service, arranged by category. For example:

  • iMac_websiteNew equipment by type (excavators, wheel loaders, skid steers, etc. for construction equipment, vocational categories for trucks)
  • Used equipment
  • Rentals
  • Parts and accessories for sale
  • Service and repair shop

It’s also essential to include pages for all your value-added services. Offering a broader line of services gives your dealership more revenue streams, but it also boosts your ability to serve customers comprehensively. That sets your dealership apart as a “one-stop shop” for all your customers’ equipment purchasing and after-market needs. So include pages for services such as:

Each page provides its own dealership SEO opportunities, by making it easier for searchers to find exactly the information they’re looking for – on your website.

Present website content in a succinct, easy-to read manner.

Each page should explain your approach to that aspect of your business and how that approach benefits prospective and/or existing customers. Concise, well-written text is vital, because website visitors want to find meaty information, quickly:

  • Never copy someone else’s text. It does nothing to describe your dealership, and search engines will penalize you.
  • Try Another Approach And Get The Best ROI for Your Dealership SEO Efforts-02Ask yourself what do potential customers for this product/service want to know most? What questions do they typically ask? This is where your content should focus. You’ll create the most valuable content if you include sales, marketing, service and administrative staff in identifying common questions, because each of these employees has different types of customer interactions.
  • Prospects always ask about cost, so create content that goes beyond a price list – for instance, tips for evaluation total cost of ownership or comparing equipment models before making a buying decision.
  • Create a “frequently asked questions” page with short Q&A format, so visitors can help themselves to basic information without having to call your office.
  • Start a blog. It’s the best way to draw traffic with customer-centric SEO and also establish your dealership as an authoritative resource.

The days when your website was nothing more than an electronic sales brochure are long gone. To succeed today – and achieve maximum dealership SEO – your website must provide useful, actionable information to help prospects make smarter buying decisions and grow their own business.


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