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10 Steps to Engaging Sales Leads on Facebook

10 Steps to Engaging Sales Leads on Facebook

10 Steps to Engaging Sales Leads on Facebook

The value of Facebook for your growing your dealership is its ability to help you build ongoing relationships with prospects and customers, by engaging sales leads in meaningful ways. Unfortunately, it can be easy to get side-tracked, seduced by a desire to rack up as many fans and likes as you can.

quality_vs_quantityBut impressing yourself with big numbers is not only off point, it’s counter-productive. You’re in business to make money, so the only thing that matters is sales conversions. Quality counts, not quantity.

The leads you get via Facebook are automatically warm, already interested in the equipment you sell or your dealership itself. You’ll be most successful engaging those prospects by focusing on giving them exactly what they want and need as they move into and through your sales funnel.

Here are ten ways you can do that:

  1. landing-pages-iconAlways think quality, not quantity. Yes, we just said that, but it’s so important it bears repeating.
  2. Create personas for your key audience segments. The more clearly you understand your best potential targets, the better-equipped you’ll be to provide precisely the information or insight they’re looking for. You can’t target them if you don’t know where to aim.
  3. Uses those personas to create a Facebook content strategy. What do they need to know? You can post links that will take them to detailed information, but you can also post a “tip of the week” or other content that’s a quick read, eminently useful and easy to share. Perfect for engaging sales leads.
  4. Make sure your Facebook content strategy supports and integrates smoothly with your overall marketing strategy. It’s just part of the process of attracting and nurturing leads to generate more sales.
  5. marketing-strategy-iconCreate a Facebook follow-up strategy. It’s a cardinal sin in the world of social media not to actively participate, especially in your own conversations. You have to keep things going and respond quickly to questions or anything negative someone might post.  You’re building credibility and underscoring your high-powered customer service. Nothing is more important than that, when you’re selling big-ticket items like heavy-duty trucks or construction equipment.
  6. Assign someone to honcho this effort. If you don’t have an in-house marketing chief, this should be a sales responsibility. After all, engaging sales leads is your Facebook goal.
  7. Make sure everything you say or show on Facebook consistently supports your dealership’s brand, in look, feel and voice.
  8. social-media-iconUse lots of visuals. Show off that muscular equipment you sell, but show it in action, with the people using it. Happy operators who love the newly-designed cab, happy owners who appreciate how your products help get their jobs done faster and more cost-effectively. Engaging sales leads is about demonstrating you understand your customers’ bottom line needs.
  9. Team up with technology. Content management software makes it easier to create your content and deliver it when and how you want. You can schedule publishing of your blog or social media posts in advance, letting automation handle those details so you can stay focused on engaging sales leads with personal interaction.
  10. Remember that engaging sales leads via social media will only work for you if you concentrate on personalized conversations that build your credibility and encourage confidence in you as a dealer. You can promote the value of your products and services along the way, but in the end buyers are investing in you as much what you sell.  

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