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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile in the Construction Industry

10 Ways to Optimize Your Linkedin Profile-01

10 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for a Professional Presence in the Construction Equipment & Trucking Industry

linkedin-01Are you getting good mileage from your LinkedIn presence? LinkedIn is the premier social network for dealerships that sell and service construction equipment or heavy duty trucks to build reputation and find new business leads. No pictures of the grand kids or sharing links to the latest goofy video. LinkedIn was created to help you get down to business.

Let’s look at ten ways you can optimize your personal LinkedIn profile to attract more attention to your dealership and enhance your professional standing.

1. Personalize your public profile URL.

Customize URL- linkedinDon’t just use the weird-looking default address LinkedIn assigns you, create your own that highlights your name. It will be easier for people to remember and it will look more professional. For instance, Go to this link and click on “customize your public profile URL.”

2. Create a profile badge, if you have a personal website or blog.

LinkedIn Profile BadgeIt’s important to promote your personal online presence as well as your dealership’s. Creating a profile badge that links to your public LinkedIn profile gives it more panache. Go to this link to see different designs you can use.

3. Jazz up the links to your blog and website.

You want to use anchor text that attracts interest, rather than something generic, to motivate more people to click through to the website(s) you’ve listed on your profile, or to your blog. Create custom anchor text using keywords that identify the content – your blog anchor text might say “Trucking Industry Blog.” You’re allowed up to three website links on your personal profile, and you can customize each one by editing your profile.

4. Build your profile’s SEO.

Make it easier for people to find your LinkedIn profile by incorporating keywords into your headline, your summary and other text sections.

5. Show off your work.

Show off your experienceYou can now add documents, links, videos, images and presentations to enhance your summary, education or experience. Build authority by adding material that demonstrates your knowledge about construction equipment or heavy duty trucks.

6. Rearrange your profile.

Rearrange your linkedin profileSet yourself apart by arranging the sections within your profile in a different order. Go to edit mode and hover your mouse over the section’s Edit link. When you see the four-way arrow, you can simply drag and drop the section wherever you want it to go. You can also add or remove sections – check out this list of options.

7. Save time with Saved Searches.

LInkedIn Saved SearchesYou’re allowed to save up to three people searches (and ten job searches, if you’re interested) for easy reference later on. Just click on Save This Search on the right of your screen. You  can elect to receive monthly or weekly email reminders (daily for job searches) when network members or jobs match the criteria you’ve set.

8. Use your profile as a resume.

LinkedIn Job OpeningsLinkedIn was originally created to help job searchers network. You can quickly turn your profile into a professional-looking resume to print, email or share.

9. Checkout the job board.

Find openings in the construction and trucking industry, in your location.

10. Get endorsed. And endorse others.

LinkedIn EndorsementsEndorsements are like testimonials, so they have great value. Your contacts can endorse you for any of the skills you’ve listed in the Skills & Expertise section of your profile, and they can recommend new ones for you to list. If someone endorses for something that’s off-base, you can delete it. When you receive an endorsement, your contacts are notified. You can add skills at any time, and that triggers a notification, too.

It’s good manners – and smart networking – to endorse your customers and colleagues, too.

Stay tuned to our blog for more LinkedIn tips about how you can make the most of networking, groups and your company page to make valuable connections in the construction and trucking industry and to reach more potential customers


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