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15 Ways LinkedIn Can Improve Your Dealership’s Marketing

15 Ways LinkedIn Can Improve Your Dealership's Digital Marketing

15 Ways LinkedIn Can Improve Your Dealership’s Digital Marketing

LinkedIn remains the social network of choice for most B2B marketers. But you may not realize how many ways you can used LinkedIn to grow your construction equipment or heavy duty truck dealership. Each of these 15 ideas will help you stay in touch with colleagues, industry news and best practices, build awareness of your dealership and help you connect with quality prospects.

  1. how-to-use-linkedin-for-business[1]Start by optimizing your Company Page. It needs to be properly set up and optimized for LinkedIn’s latest layout (new as of earlier this year), in order for you to benefit most.
  1. Create Showcase Pages. These niche pages are like “branches” that lead from your primary Company Page. Use them to promote specific products or services, or focus each page on a one of your marketing personas, for better targeting and a more tailored visitor experience.
  1. Post Company Status Updates. Stay top-of-mind with your connections by publishing updates for your followers. You can show posts to everyone or target recipients using criteria such as geography, company size, job function and seniority and you can include or exclude company employees. A study conducted by LinkedIn shows companies that targeted their updates saw a 66% (or greater) increase in audience engagement.
  1. pulseTrack industry news using Pulse. You can receive instant alerts when an Influencer you’re following posts, or sign up for daily or weekly Pulse news notifications via email.
  1. Track Trending Content. This tool enables you to identify the types of content most popular on LinkedIn in your industry, by a variety of audiences and topic segments. Use this information to create most-wanted content for your own posts.
  1. Generate leads. LinkedIn is a superior source of leads for your dealership, because it’s the go-to social site used by businesses. Use your status updates to promote and share links to your landing pages, or share links on your Showcase Pages, with your LinkedIn Groups and in calls-to-action within your posts.
  1. linkedin-01Try using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and paid ads. You can target them by job titles or functions, within the trucking or construction industry, by company size, etc.
  1. Check out Group Statistics, a great way to decide which groups to join or target for advertising, because you can see a lot of information about groups before becoming a member.
  1. Start your own LinkedIn Group, or a sub-group. As administrator you can position yourself as a thought leader, and as your group and influence grow, you can obtain new leads as well as ideas for your content marketing on LinkedIn and elsewhere.
  1. Email your Group. As administrator, you can email your group members directly, as often as once a week, in the form of LinkedIn Announcements. This is an excellent one-on-one lead generation opportunity.
  1. linkedin-job-seeker-2[1]Poll your Group. Get their thoughts on an industry challenge or news topic, etc. and use that insight for marketing content. You can also use your poll to boost awareness and membership for your group, with the Group + Twitter sharing option. You can even poll groups other than your own, if their administrator allows that.
  1. Check out the LinkedIn publishing platform. Any user can publish content and promote it on your Company Page.
  1. Recruit new dealership team members. LinkedIn started out as a way for job seekers and those hiring to find one another, and job-related connections remain a top value for LinkedIn. Do you have an opening for a marketing expert? Technician? Sales professional or administrative support person? Flesh out the Careers section of your Company Page, so potential employees can learn more about you, then promote your openings.
  1. linkedin-2-icon[2]Promote your LinkedIn presence by putting Company Follow and sharing buttons on your website, landing pages, blog, emails, etc.
  1. Study Page Insights and get your Content Marketing Score. The insight that comes from all that data tells you a great deal about your followers and makes you a smarter marketer.


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