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3 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement with Your Website

3 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement with Your Website

3 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement with Your Website

When we talk about digital marketing, we always emphasize the importance of integrating the various channels your dealership is using. But there is one thing you may be overlooking, and it can make a big difference in your ability to reach and engage prospective customers: optimizing your website to encourage social media interactions.

When your website and social platforms are really pulling in tandem, they have more power to boost your marketing results. You should see more site visitors and increased social media engagement among your fans and followers. That adds up to more leads and, ultimately, more sales.

Posting Shareable Content on Social Media Will Make Your Business More SuccessfulTighten those connections

You’re probably already doing the basics to link your website and social pages – including your website URL in your social profiles and displaying social icons on your website. But do those buttons directly link site visitors to each social media account? Sometimes you have to install a special app or do a little extra coding to make that happen, but that’s an investment which will certainly pay off.

The easier you make it for website visitors to check out your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., the more likely they are to become regular followers. So don’t limit this opportunity to your home page, embed social buttons to all key pages on your site to encourage sharing. You can use a tool such as AddThis or ShareThis to do this. Consider adding a share counter, too. Seeing the number can boost your credibility with visitors, implying your content is obviously worth sharing.

Create quality blog content

Do-These-5-Things-to-Make-Your-Dealership-Blog-More-Successful_iconYour dealership’s blog is a powerful website asset, and it’s the perfect tool for encouraging social media interaction. Consistently publishing new, useful content helps improve search engine optimization, but the real reason to do that is to keep your dealership top of mind with prospects as a valuable source of information and assistance.

Relevant, useful blog articles are highly share-worthy. They more they are shared, the more new people you’re reaching. You’ll generate maximum interest by mixing it up when it comes to content format, as well as topics. The written word is fine, but infographics, photos, and videos are eye-catching as well as informative. Study after study has shown that visuals are shared more often than plain text, and videos are the most-shared.

And, by the way, studies also show that when it comes to content, blog posts that include a quiz, practical tips, or your spin on a trending topic are most likely to be shared.

Make it a two-way experience

3 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement with Your Website-02The reason social media sites have exploded in popularity is that they are interactive – digital conversations among people with a similar interest, in this case, your dealership, your product lines, and/or the construction or trucking industry in general. Facilitating and encouraging interaction gets the conversational ball rolling so you can convert visitors to leads and leads to customers.

Make it easy for users to comment on your blog articles. Let them register with their social media account instead of going through some other cumbersome registration process. You can use a tool such as Disqus or Livefyre to set that up, then users can easily sign in and comment on your content or upload their own content such as photos of themselves using your products, product reviews, etc.

The more you do to intertwine your website and social media platforms and make interactions easy, the better the results you will see. If you’re not feeling confident in your ability to tighten those connections on your own – or you’re just plain too busy – our marketing experts at ADI Agency are here to help.


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