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5 Content Automation Tips for More Time Efficient Digital Marketing

5 Content Automation Tips for More Time Efficient Digital Marketing | ADI Agency
5 Content Automation Tips for More Time Efficient Digital Marketing | ADI Agency

5 Content Automation Tips for More Time Efficient Digital Marketing

It’s easy for anyone associated with a construction equipment or heavy truck dealership to understand the value of automation. Today’s workhorse vehicles are smart, too, thanks to automation that allows them to monitor and, in some cases, even operate themselves. The result is greater efficiencies, in multiple areas from day-to-day productivity to bottom line savings.

Content automation can do the same for your dealership’s digital marketing. With that in mind, you want to do all you can to take advantage of those marketing efficiencies. The following 5 content automation tips will help you save time by automating every step of your content management process:

1. Creation

The human touch is a necessity when it comes to producing text and/or visuals, but automation tools can speed the process as well as ensure accuracy and professionalism. You could use:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking, to dictate your blog articles, memos, emails, etc., hands-free
  • Hemingway, to ensure your sentences are accurate and reader-friendly
  • Copyscape, to ensure you haven’t duplicated your own previous text or inadvertently plagiarized instead of summarized someone else’s text
  • Canva, to quickly and easily convert text infographic content
  • Campaign Monitor, to easily create email campaigns with professional-level appeal

2. Curation

Great content can be created “from scratch” by you, or it can come from other sources you use for inspiration or as a jumping off point. There are automation tools that will help make you an efficient curator as well as creator:

  • Dropbox allows you to stash ideas in easily-accessible folders for future reference
  • Brand24 uses keywords to help you find relevant social media posts to share with your audience
  • DrumUp does much foe same for industry-specific content
  • Pinterest allows you to pull together visually powerful content

Plus, all those industry newsletters and trade publications you subscribe to also offer an ongoing wealth of automatically timely, relevant content you can talk about or share with your audience.

5 Content Automation Tips for More Time Efficient Digital Marketing | ADI Agency3. Distribution

The good news for today’s online searchers is that there is an ever-increasing amount of content available. The bad news for you as a digital marketer is that your prospects’ attention span is down to about 8 seconds. If you aren’t publishing your content at the right time and in the right places, you’ll have no chance of making a connection. So perhaps one of the most valuable content automation tips is use tools that boost the power of your distribution strategy. That might be:

  • DrumUp – recommended above to help with social media content curation, this tool also helps you develop a backup supply of posts and automate your posting schedule. You can also automatically re-post selected content from other industry sites.
  • Campaign Monitor – recommended above to assist with content creation, this software also allows you to organize email campaigns into automated workflows.

Don’t overlook guest blogging, either. You can invite other industry leaders to write an article for your readers, and also write guest blogs for others to post. This can turn into a regular opportunity, if you develop good reciprocal relationships, boosting your dealership’s visibility and credibility as well as your own.

construction equipment telematics4. Amplification

The more people you reach with your content, the more likely you are to generate more – and higher quality – leads. That’s the whole point of digital marketing, and there are lots of ways to get your stuff in front of more folks. Live humans are a great resource – employees and customers are obvious co-marketers for your dealership. But, once again, automation tools can make your efforts more efficient as well as more effective. Try using:

  • it, to provide employees and other advocates with sharable content
  • TapInfluence or ReadyPulse, two platforms designed specifically to boost influencer marketing

5. Analysis

As with all marketing, your content creation and distribution efforts are only as good as the results they produce. So how are you doing? Anecdotal information isn’t good enough, you need facts. Real-time facts. Of course you have Google Analytics to fall back on – and there’s plenty of meaty data there. If you use HubSpot or some other marketing-specific platform, there are analytics capabilities built-in there as well.

Use them down to the details, not just for overview reporting. Study your website, email, and social media efforts to see what content generates the most response from your audiences. And A/B test your content (text, visuals, layout, colors, etc.), to continuously refine your work, turning landing pages, campaigns, etc. that are working well into powerhouse producers.

If you adopt these content automation tips, your dealership’s digital marketing will be more successful. And you’ll have more time to devote to – well, whatever is the next priority on your to-do list.

5 Content Automation Tips for More Time Efficient Digital Marketing | ADI Agency

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