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Website Mistakes A Construction Dealership Should Avoid


5 More Website Mistakes A Construction Equipment Dealership Should Avoid

A few weeks ago, we talked here in our blog about the top five mistakes a construction equipment dealership make with their websites. Now it’s time to talk about five more common mistakes you should avoid. The good news is that these mistakes aren’t extremely technical, so they’re pretty easy to fix. And you’ll love the results.

Mistake: Your home page is cluttered.

Homepage ClutterIt’s so tempting to want to tell people everything about your construction dealership right on your home page. But cramming too many visual elements onto that single page will backfire big time.

Your home page provides your online “curb appeal, ” delivering that all-important first impression. Does your current home page say your business is professional and welcoming? Or does it say you’re a mess? A quality impression makes visitors want to know more, but a poor one will send them running to your competitor.

A great home page is clean looking and easy to read. It has simplified, intuitive navigation that’s easy to understand and follow.

Mistake: You don’t promote your own content options.

PEER Strategy | Evolve | Blogging | Loyalty BoundA well-rounded digital marketing program includes a blog, social media, perhaps an e-newsletter. Put links to each of these content options where website visitors can easily see them and sign up or click to see more. Put the links on your home page, and also on the interior pages of your website, so they’re always top-of-mind for visitors.

When you produce a new webinar or other downloadable offer, promote that on your home page, too, as well as elsewhere throughout your site.

Mistake: You forget you have multiple audiences.

personas_sheetsYou’re a construction equipment dealership, so of course new equipment buyers are an important target audience. But so are people interested in purchasing used equipment, renting from your fleet or taking advantage of your parts and service departments.

Those are all vital profit centers for your dealership. And, sure, there’s some overlap, but your website should include separate sections devoted to each sales center, with plenty of informative content. If your dealership offers value-added services such as ADI’s Protect My Iron® extended warranty coverage, that gives you something else to promote on your website so visitors know you are truly a full-service construction equipment dealership that goes above and beyond the competition.

Mistake: You don’t toot your own horn.

AwardsYour Mom said bragging was bad, but in the marketing world we call this “building your reputation.” Customers want to know you’re as good as you claim you are. If you belong to regional or national trade associations, the local chamber of commerce, the Better Business Bureau, adding their icons to your home page tells website visitors you’re committed to the construction industry and your community.

If your dealership has won awards or achieved special certifications, people want to know that, too. It’s independent verification that you know what you’re talking about, and that reinforces your authority and credibility. Customers can trust you and rely on you.

Mistake: You don’t use testimonials.

customer testimonialWhen real-life customers say good things about you, that’s the best possible advertising. Put a short-but-salient quote on your home page, along with the customer’s name and photo, if they OK it. Better yet, link that testimonial quote to an inside page or blog article where you tell “the rest of the story,” complete with photos. Customers will be happy to give you this information, because it helps promote their construction company, too.

Perhaps a PEER review with ADI’s professional marketing team is in order. Fresh eyes can quickly spot easy-fix improvements as well as other ways to sharpen your website. A comprehensive review can ensure your SEO is tip-top by today’s standards, and that your long-term marketing strategy is perfectly targeted. Instead of worrying whether you’ve made website mistakes, you’ll be enjoying more traffic and higher quality leads.


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