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5 Things You Can Do To Brand Your Dealership on Social Media

5 Things You Should Be Doing To Brand Your Dealership on Social Media

5 Things You Should Be Doing To Brand Your Dealership on Social Media

Your dealership’s visual brand is one of your key marketing elements — perhaps the most important because of the innate power of visuals. The more your social media pages look like your dealership instead of some generic “presence,” the better they reinforce your brand. Presenting your brand consistently across all marketing platforms is critical to build your business.

PEER Strategy | Evolve | Social Media | Loyalty BoundYou want your social media pages to be instantly recognizable, but they can’t be identical because each platform provides different design and functionality options. Nonetheless, you can wisely use color, images and context to ensure maximum, immediate brand recognition.

  1. Know each platform’s design best practices.

Your dealership probably uses YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, but many also use Instagram or Pinterest, in order to reach the broadest audience. Each platform requires somewhat different content. That’s easy with YouTube, because of the video format. These tips will help you with the others:

  • Larger images stand out in Facebook’s news feed. Use graphics announcing your next event or showing a 1-2-3 product demonstration.
  • Twitter is all about immediacy, perfect for last-minute event reminders or posting a link to your latest blog article.
  • Instagram likes simple, branded videos or images. Sneak-preview new vehicles or accessories.
  • Pinterest is an excellent showcase for images of equipment in action.

Since each platform’s audience differs, your goal should be to design each page so it’s most relevant to that group.

  1. Keep consistency top of mind.

Your Dealership on Social Media-02Even though each platform is a bit different, you can create a “thematic foundation” that assures similarity across each of them. Your dealership has official colors that appear in your logo, on your website, etc. Use your primary color when designing each social media page. Try to find a cover photo that will work well on every platform, either entirely or in some close variation to maintain a consistent look.

  1. Use a simple profile picture to maintain brand identify.

Again, consistency is key. Your social media profile picture will be seen in multiple locations across each platform – in platform search results, in followers’ feeds, in comments, etc. – and on multiple platforms. Choose an image that clearly identifies your brand name and also instantly captures the essence of your dealership. Be sure to your image can easily be resized without sacrificing quality, to accommodate varied design needs throughout each platform.

The more easily recognizable your brand is, wherever searchers and followers see it, the faster you’ll build awareness and understanding of your dealership.

  1. gtk-refreshRegularly refresh your profile.

Fresh content is necessary everywhere online, even more so in social media environments. So while it’s essential to create foundational elements that provide ongoing consistency, you also want to show that your dealership is “on the move.” What’s new or upcoming? Product launch? Annual open house? OEM experts on site for a demo? New staff? New certification or awards for your dealership? Using a new visual to mark those milestones keeps your profile fresh and keeps followers up to date with your latest happenings so they can get involved.

Changing your cover photo has another benefit, too: it automatically shows up in your followers’ Facebook feeds, serving as an additional announcement for your upcoming activities.

  1. Get creative.

There are actually ways to combine Twitter and Facebook profile and cover images into larger images, or to create a profile image that works by itself and also as part of a larger image. Talk to your graphic design expert about how you can do this.

Consistent branding is a marketing “must,” and not just on social media. The more care you put into ensuring your social media pages reinforce your brand – visually and with well-targeted content – the stronger your branding will be.


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