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Why You Should Outsource A Marketing Department for Your Dealership

6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource A Marketing Department for Your Dealership

6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource A Marketing Department for Your Dealership

Marketing may not be your dealership’s core business, but it’s essential for your growth and profitability. The decision to outsource a marketing department makes sense strategically and financially. You can contract for a specific service, such as writing your blog articles or redesigning your website or you can outsource your entire marketing department, but if you think of these people as working partners rather than merely vendors, you will see much better results.

PEER Strategy | Prepare | Marketing Plan | Loyalty BoundIt’s up to you to set your marketing goals, which of course should reflect your overall business goals. You can outsource only operational tasks to implement those goals and monitor results, but you can also involve your marketing team in developing your goals – why not take advantage of their expertise?

There are lots of reasons to consider outsourcing.

  1. Full complement of skills.

Very large companies have dozens of marketing specialists on staff. Your dealership does not have that kind of depth, nor do you need a huge marketing department in-house. You can use outsourcing to fill specific gaps in your internal team, or partner with an external team of experts to handle everything. It’s expertise that counts, not the number of people.

  1. PEER Strategy | Retain | Workflow Automation | Loyalty BoundModern technology.

Today, marketing is made more efficient (and effective) through marketing automation and other tools. If you’re working with yesterday’s technology, you’re already one-down on your competition. Outsourcing puts all the latest tools to work on your behalf, without the expense of acquiring, learning, etc.

  1. Variable vs. fixed expenses.

An internal marketing department is replete with fixed expenses for personnel, equipment, software, overhead, etc. which usually add up to more than what you’re spending on actual marketing. You monthly outlay is fixed, and so are your capabilities. If things get slow, you’ll have to lay people off. When you need to ramp up again, you’ll suffer costly delay while you start over with new people.


Outsourcing is scalable and flexible, so it’s a variable expense. That can be a balance sheet bonus as well as a more cost-effective way of accomplishing your goals. Even on a monthly retainer, you can immediately add new work if needed.


  1. personas_sheetsGreater insight into your customers.

One of the toughest challenges for busy dealerships is adequately tracking marketing progress and analyzing the results. There is a lot of information available, but knowing which data are most important and integrating results from every channel can be a lot of work, even with the right technology in place.


An outsourced marketing team does all this work as a matter of course, keeping you updated on what’s important without wasting your time on things that aren’t crucial. You’ll have deeper insight about customers and prospects, in real time, you can use to improve your entire dealership.


  1. your_dealerships_brand-300x300Stay true to your core business.

You’re in the business of selling and servicing construction equipment or trucks. The less time you have to spend on marketing planning, operations and analysis, the more you can devote to strengthening relationships with customers and OEMs, networking and so on. That’s marketing, too, but it’s personal. Outsourcing also frees up time to concentrate on other critical elements of your dealership business – hiring and training, expanding your service or parts or rental offerings, etc.


  1. Get things done.

Too many small businesses – maybe even yours – wilt at the thought of having to become conversant with yet another marketing channel as the environment evolves, so they simply pull back. You know you need a quality, consistent blog. You know you should be using at least a couple of key social networks. But you’re not, because you feel overwhelmed.


All these challenges are reasons why most dealerships have found it makes more sense to outsource a marketing department. When you partner with experts who know your industry as well as marketing, you can be doubly confident you’re getting top-of-the-line, relevant expertise and you’ll never have to worry about falling behind in building your brand and your business.


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