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6 Tips to Rev Up Your Equipment Dealership’s Blog

rev_up_yourblogOther than your website, your equipment dealership’s blog is the most valuable tool in your online marketing kit, because it’s so versatile.

Blog content contributes mightily to your SEO – ensuring people can find you in the first place and helping them connect with exactly the information they’re looking for. Blog articles can engage prospects at any stage of their decision-making process. They can strengthen customer loyalty.

When your blog functions like a well-tuned engine, it gives your marketing plenty of torque to capture attention from high quality leads, sustain their interest and close more sales. So grab the keys and climb into the cab. It’s time to get your equipment dealership’s blog revved up and rolling. Follow this six-point checklist:

1. Automate the process.

automated-workflow-iconChoose a well-respected content management platform that will streamline blog article creation and make it easy to coordinate all your online marketing. HubSpot makes a particularly good product that’s surprisingly easy to understand and use.

2. Create an editorial calendar.

Every publisher has one. It’s the easiest way to make sure your blog articles are timed to match any special events or seasonal promotions you’ve planned throughout the year. And keeping track of the topics you write about will help ensure your blog is varied enough to appeal to all your target audiences.

3. Keep a file of topic ideas.

goals&objectives-iconFinding topics to blog about is actually easy, because you’re already surrounded by great ideas. Make a list of questions people ask you about your products or your dealership. Each one is a valuable topic – obviously your audience is interested in the answer. Ask your staff for ideas, too, based on their own customer interactions.

Note that each of your product lines or other revenue generators – parts and service, accessories, financing assistance, etc. – offers its own range of topic possibilities.

4. Include relevant links.

Boost the value of each blog article with links to your relevant website pages or downloadable documents, or to external resources that can further help your reader.

5. Make it easy for people to follow to your blog.

social-media-iconIntegrate it with your website. Place a prominent sign-up button on your home page. And send “teasers” with links to full articles in your monthly e-newsletter and via social media.

6. Delegate.

You haven’t built your dealership this far by letting procrastination rule your day or trying to do everything yourself. So be smart about your blog, too. Don’t short-change it just because you’re busy. Or because writing isn’t your thing.

Enlist the help of your professional marketing team. Let them organize your content management system, then show you how to use it so you can get to the productive part faster. They can even help with writing your blog articles, making the same points you’d make yourself. Publish each post under a staff member’s name, though, to reinforce your dealership’s authority and reputation as a valuable resource.

New Marketing Techniques For Equipment Dealers and OEM’sProspects and customers are looking to you for the latest information and insight to help them make the best buying decisions and get the most from the equipment they buy. Even veteran contractors and long-time equipment operators need your help to keep up with the latest on-the-job and behind-the-scenes best practices, tips, trends to build and sustain their business.

You’re in this together, and your blog demonstrates clearly customers can count on you. Their success is your success, literally. Because the more you help them succeed, the greater their need and ability to buy more from you.

Can you feel the power of your equipment dealership’s blog? Vrrrroooom.


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