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Calls To Action You Should Be Using To Convert Online Sales Leads

6 Types of Calls To Action You Should Be Using To Convert Online Sales Leads

6 Types of Calls To Action You Should Be Using To Convert Online Sales Leads

Are you getting the kind of response you want from your email marketing? Email is an excellent way to nurture online sales leads, but it can do even more for your dealership. Using various types of calls to action beyond the basic “download now” can help you broaden the top of your funnel with greater lead generation and broaden the middle of your funnel through increased engagement.

PEER Strategy | Engage | Loyalty BoundToo often marketers think email is about sending a single message with a single call to action: here’s our new eBook, download it now.  Or our annual demo day is coming up, register now. But each email you send actually presents secondary opportunities to convert leads, depending on how you present calls to action and where you place them within your email.

These five calls to action each work a different kind of magic for your email marketing:

  1. Let’s start at the top. Literally.

The first and most critical call to action, or CTA, is your email subject line. If it isn’t compelling enough to cause recipients to open your message, all your other efforts are wasted.

  1. Think outside the button.

Calls to action don’t have to be a circle or box that says download now, submit, sign up or whatever you want people to do next. You can use the text of your message as a direct CTA: give me a call or email me at johndoe@ABCdealership to set up a time to talk.  If they do, you know they’re a high-quality lead ready for that all-important personal chat with your sales team.

  1. Think beyond the button or text.

PEER Strategy | Engage | Calls To Action | Loyalty Bound | CTAYou may be surprised to learn that studies show people just love to click on images. If they’re going to click around your email to see if there’s a “hidden” link, why not give them one? You can link a photo of the new vehicle your email mentions to the corresponding landing page. If your email promotes a checklist you’ve just created, in addition to your “click here to get the checklist” CTA you can include a graphic of a checklist that illustrates your offer and is also linked to the same landing page. Now you have two opportunities to convert the prospect.

  1. Put calls to action in your email signature.

Often overlooked, your signature can be a marketing gold mine. Rather than simply displaying a static block of text with your name and contact information, you can add calls to action that are relevant to your message or more generally interesting to your audience:

  • Include your Twitter handle (linked to your Twitter profile).
  • Announce your latest truck or piece of equipment (linked to your website).
  • Or your upcoming webinar (linked to the sign-up page).
  • Promote your dealership’s blog (with a link, of course).

Since changing your signature is so easy, think of it as a “revolving account” for calls to action.

  1. Include your social media icons (with links).

PEER Strategy | Evolve | Social Media | Loyalty BoundIcons for Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. need no instruction – everyone knows what will happen when they click on one. Displaying these icons gives prospects additional ways to connect with you, and it reinforces your authority and online-savviness with them.

  1. Encourage sharing.

Just like you want people to share your social media posts, you can get them to share your email’s primary call to action by asking them outright to do just that. Include a “pass this along” button or text link (or both).

Hopefully you had several “ah ha” moments as you read these ideas to increase calls to action within your emails. Use them creatively and you, too, can boost the productivity of your email marketing.

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