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6 Ways To Improve Your Marketing Strategy to Engage with Prospects

6 Ways To Improve Your Brand's Marketing Strategy to Engage with Prospects

6 Ways To Improve Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy to Engage with Prospects

To successfully market your truck or construction equipment dealership today, you must be able to reach out to and communicate with prospects as directly as possible. Shopping for vehicles, parts and service is a process of personal engagement – a process that develops trust and confidence in buying from you. However, effective brand communication originates with your loyal customers and fans, not just with you. Does your marketing strategy encourage participation and sharing?

PEER Strategy | Engage | Loyalty BoundEncouraging two-way conversation and sharing about your brand brings multiple benefits to your dealership. Yes, you’ll capture more high-quality leads, but there’s a lot you can learn from your audience. The more you communicate with them, the more you will know what matters most to them, so you can refine your marketing. Better yet, your “evangelists” can help shape dealership improvements to further improve your business, even as they’re helping spread your story.

Best of all, nothing solidifies loyalty like becoming part of your team. Here are 6 ways you can enhance your marketing strategy to boost brand communication.

  1. Get real.

You want to talk with your audience, not at them. Always use a conversational tone, and choose content topics that have the greatest meaning for prospects and/or existing customers. Platitudes and empty promises are out – way out – and useful, timely information is in. Nothing is more real than helping people improve their own business.

  1. Lighten up.

money_making_ideas_flat_Icon-02Don’t take yourself so seriously. Construction and trucking might be serious, tough industries, but your audience will appreciate your lighter side as well as your hands-on know-how. Remember that people prefer to do business with people they know and like, and showing a sense of humor goes a long way toward making your dealership more likeable.

Share funny industry cartoons or quips or photos. Share your “thought of the week.” Post these things just for fun, not as a direct effort to generate leads.

  1. Put a face to your words.

Your brand is instantly more recognizable when people know who you are and what you look like. You might sell equipment and service, but it’s your people that make the ultimate difference. Use marketing content to highlight key people and their behind-the-scenes activities at your dealership.

  1. Talk about something other than yourself.

6 Ways To Improve Your Brand's Marketing Strategy to Engage with Prospects-02Of course your marketing strategy should include a steady supply of pertinent content about your dealership and products,  but you’ll build a stronger brand faster by shining the light elsewhere once in a while. Share timely, interesting content from other industry experts. Or industry news, perhaps with a note about how it impacts your customers.

Pass along insights and experiences from your customers. Inviting them to share with others builds engagement and loyalty. Share content that shows your team at work volunteering in the community or doing other non-business activities. These types of communication are eminently sharable and they help to humanize your dealership.

  1. Be honest.

loyalty_hand_shake-02No dealership and no products or services are perfect. Sometimes things go wrong. Communicating about your mistakes or mishaps demonstrates the kind of “transparency” people expect (but rarely get) these days. Treat negative comments or reviews with respect. Listen, then offer a quick, thoughtful response. If you can fix a problem, by all means do it. You’ll thrill that customer.

You can also use the story as marketing content to demonstrate you actually care about customers. Responsiveness is a vital brand-builder.

  1. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

You don’t like to be inundated with communications from anyone, no matter what the content. Neither do your prospects and customers. Like you, they are plenty busy. Rather than peppering people with posts, stick to less frequent but more meaningful communications. And don’t feel you have to comment on every post you read.

When your marketing strategy includes lots of ways for prospects to communicate with and about your dealership, you’ll build greater interest in your brand and the kind of reputation that keeps prospects and current customers coming back for more.


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