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7 Facebook Updates Your Dealership Marketing Team Should Know About

7 Facebook Updates Your Dealership Marketing Team Should Know About ADI Agency
7 Facebook Updates Your Dealership Marketing Team Should Know About ADI Agency

7 Facebook Updates Your Dealership Marketing Team Should Know About

One thing you can say about Facebook – they are all about continuous improvement. As owner or manager of your dealership, you can easily understand and appreciate that effort. But it can be hard to for your dealership marketing team to keep up with Facebook’s ongoing evolution. Which among all these updates are most relevant to your strategy to attract and retain customers?

Here are some recent Facebook updates we think you should be particularly aware of, along with some features you may not have considered. Each of them can help you sharpen your advertising and strengthen your engagement with prospects and existing customers.

  1. Facebook ads are selling like hotcakes

As of the end of Q3 2017, there were twice as many Facebook advertisers as there were just 18 months earlier – 6 million compared to 3 million. Nearly 90% of ads are mobile-oriented. If your dealership isn’t already using Facebook ads to reach prospects and customers, you can be pretty sure your competition is making inroads here – capturing attention you want for yourself.

Yes, the cost of Facebook ads is up (no surprise there), and achieving success is more complicated. But that’s why you add our ADI experts to your dealership marketing team. We’re here to make sure you use Facebook advertising smartly and get the best possible ROI.

  1. Groups aren’t only for LinkedIn any more

Finally, Facebook groups have some oomph behind them – power you can use to bring your audience(s) together around common interests, to share with each other as well as with your dealership. Even better, you can now post individual welcomes to new group members and automatically tag them. You can also learn more about group members by posting simple 2-question polls. In fact, you can use polls on Pages now as well.

More engagement and deeper insight are the two most critical factors driving marketing success and customer loyalty. The competitive environment isn’t going to get any easier in 2018, so you’ll have to pull out all the stops. People expect to have a personalized experience these days, and using groups plus the welcome and poll features are all ways to get more personal.

  1. Customize your thanks, too

When someone responds to your Facebook lead-gen ad, you want them to know you appreciate them! Now you can custom-design your thank-you screen with your own headline, descriptive text and response button.

  1. Video creation goes mobile

By now we all know that video is hot, hot, hot when it comes to Facebook post views and shares. Hopefully your dealership marketing team is using video well and often these days. (And why not? Heavy-duty trucks and construction equipment are rock stars when it comes to video – and your sales and tech gurus are, too!)

The new Facebook Creators app for video is only available for iOS just now, but they say an Android version is just around the corner. The app enables you to boost the production quality of you creations, by adding intros/outros, graphic frames, and customized interactive stickers. You can also use it to manage viewer messages and comments, post Stories across both Facebook and Instagram, and each video’s performance.

  1. Drive foot traffic to your dealership

We think of Facebook as an online tool, and it certainly is, but is your dealership marketing team using Facebook to bring people in the door as well? You can now connect in customized ways with targets who have enabled geolocation on their mobile devices. You can also target recent offline customers – sales, rentals, service, or repair shop – to continue engaging with them online.

  1. Use Canvas to tell your dealership stories

Knowing how vital mobile marketing is these days, the folks at Facebook have taken steps to boost the value of their Canvas feature. You can use collection ads to take customers on an immersive journey, discovering your products/services along the way. New templates make the process a lot simpler than in the past, whether you’re looking to sell a specific product or boost your branding.

  1. Connect with customers over a common charitable cause

The Facebook Fundraisers feature enables your dealership to connect with and support non-profit organizations. But why not take it up a notch? This is a great way to engage more personally and deeply with customers and prospects, mutually supporting a valuable charity whether it’s international or right in your backyard.


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