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7 Tips for Developing A Content Marketing Strategy for Your Dealership

7 Tips for Developing A Content Marketing Strategy for Your Dealership-01

7 Tips for Developing A Content Marketing Strategy for Your Dealership

Content marketing is a must-have these days. Your dealership won’t continue to grow and prosper if you don’t have a strong, compelling online presence. So how’s your content marketing strategy? Whether you’re just starting to create a real strategy or it’s time to review and refresh, we have some tips to help you drive the kind of results you want.

personas_sheetsCreate personas for your key marketing targets.

Too many marketers still shy away from this, because it seems tedious. But if you don’t know who you’re talking to, you can’t say the right things with your marketing messages. A solid content marketing strategy has to start here. A persona is really just an imaginary stereotype that embodies the key buying traits of your target – their business goals, needs and pain points.

Create a persona for each of your key customer types – new equipment buyer, rental customer, parts/service customer, etc. With that information in hand, you can tailor every piece of content to the right persona, in the right way. When your blog articles, conversion offers, social media posts, etc. are well-directed, you will see better results. You’ll attract more initial attention, engage more with people to qualify and nurture leads, close sales and strengthen long-term loyalty.

Pick your staff’s brains.

rewarded-brainIn some ways, everyone in your dealership is a sales person. Since each of their contacts is different contextually, getting staff-wide input to developing personas and identifying content topics can really boost the quality of your marketing. It’s absolutely crucial that your marketing and sales teams collaborate, to develop a well-coordinated approach to lead generation and clearly define the most effective hand-off point.

Think beyond words.

A successful content marketing strategy is diversified. Some content is text-based, such as blog articles and web pages, but not everyone wants to read your information and some content just begs for a different format.

Would you rather read a how-to document or see a short step-by-step video? Video, of course. And let’s not forget the power of pictures in telling your story. YouTube has the second-highest traffic of any site out there and Pinterest and Instagram have seen exponential growth because people love visuals.

Boost your content’s marketing mileage.

While you’re thinking in terms of multi-media, think about how you can present content in multiple ways. Suppose you have a new webinar scheduled. You can:

  • Marketing Resources Library | Loyalty Bound | ADI AgencyVideotape the webinar to offer as a premium content download.
  • Offer a written transcript as a downloadable document.
  • Better yet, turn all that material, along with illustrations, into an e-book you can offer as premium content.
  • Turn the material into a SlideShare presentation.
  • Divide the material into content “chunks” to create a series of blog articles.
  • Use a few key illustrations as social media posts.
  • Create a social media contest that requires people to answer a quiz about the content.

Repurposing content takes the pressure off the need to constantly create new material, and it enables you to reach your targets in the format they prefer on the platforms they are using. That makes it a big win for everyone.

Remember that quality trumps quantity.

PEER Strategy | Evolve | Blogging | Loyalty BoundThe point of content marketing is to provide information your target audience wants and needs. You have to publish content often enough to keep your brand in front of that audience. For your blog, marketing experts suggest 2-3 articles of 500-700 words each per week.

Promote your content.

Help your audience find and share your valuable content by cross-promoting with your website, blog articles, social media pages and email follow-up campaigns.

Consider it an investment in your dealership’s future.

Just like growing your dealership business, implementing your content marketing strategy is a building process, not a one-time event. It might take six months or more to start gaining traction, but as you produce content you are accumulating assets – tools to promote your business. Stick with it, and you will be rewarded.


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