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Common Questions About Blogging to Increase Website Traffic

Blogging FAQs Common Questions & Concerns About Blogging to Increase Website Traffic-01

Blogging FAQs | Common Questions & Concerns About Blogging to Increase Website Traffic

Business bloggers inevitably run up against roadblocks from time to time. Your thinking process may feel clogged, or perhaps you aren’t seeing the marketing results you hoped to generate with your blog. Most blogging problems aren’t hard to overcome, and when you do you’ll be able to increase website traffic for your dealership just as you had hoped.

Here are some blogging FAQs (frequently asked questions) that may be troubling you, along with answers that will help you polish your blogging efforts.

What should I write about?

Free-Question-Mark-Wallpaper-HDYou need an overall topic for each blog, plus a few key “talking points” that relate to your subject. Identifying your key points along with the topic will help you stay on-topic when you write.

Content should be relevant and interesting for your intended audience, so consider your various marketing personas and where they are in the buying cycle – what do they need or want to read about?

Sales, service, the front and back office people all have contact with customers and prospects, giving them prime insight into timely, valuable topics. Keep an “idea file” where people can jot down their thoughts as they occur.

Why Your Trucking and Equipment Dealership Needs a Branding StrategyCan I write informally?

The voice and style of your blogging should reflect your dealership, so it’s best to be conversational, as if you’re talking to people. But it’s a business blog, so informality shouldn’t degenerate into sloppy language or a jargon-fest that can make you appear less-than-professional.

That includes using proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Ignorant writing defeats efforts to establish your dealership as a knowledgeable, credible resource. No matter how great your content, people will remember the poor quality of your writing.

You can use the Associated Press Stylebook or create your own in-house style guide to maintain consistency if you have multiple blogging authors.

Are there “do not write” topics?

Danger__Off_Limits_by_dae_mon1Blogging isn’t a “bully pulpit.” You want to increase website traffic and build your dealership’s reputation. It’s perfectly OK to chime in – in a professional way – on sensitive industry-sensitive topics, but avoid topics that are highly controversial, criticize others or don’t align well with your dealership branding.

This is yet another reason to have a content management plan and an editorial calendar. Instead of worrying about writing a potentially offensive blog article, you can focus on what your audience wants to read about.

Can I use other people’s data?

Absolutely. Using stats to back your key talking points adds credibility to your blogging. And stats are a reader-magnet. Just be sure the data you quote is current and directly relevant, and be sure you attribute the actual source. For instance, if you found the data in a trade publication article, look to see where they got the information and credit that source, not the magazine.

How should I format my articles?

PEER Strategy | Evolve | Blogging | Loyalty BoundThe visual appearance of your blog can be as off-putting as bad composition. If it looks like a heavy-duty textbook, people will click away in droves. To make your blog inviting:

  • Keep paragraphs short.
  • Use bold sub-heads to break up the text and give skimmers a quick idea what your content is about.
  • Use bulleted or numbered lists.
  • Use images, ones that are directly relevant to your topic.

Is my title captivating enough?

If your title doesn’t grab attention and pique interest, no one will read your article. Along with catchy, though, your title has to accurately reflect the blog’s contents; otherwise, readers will feel mislead.

Should blogging include a call to action?

PEER Strategy | Engage | Calls To Action | Loyalty Bound | CTAEvery article should have a CTA that motivates readers to take another engagement step with you. When they sign up for a webinar or equipment demonstration or download your latest eBook, you’re gaining additional lead generation data.

When your articles are timely, interesting, relevant for your audience and well written, blogging will become a tremendous tool to help your dealership increase website traffic.


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