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Successful Blog Strategies for Dealerships

Successful Blog Strategies for Dealerships

If your dealership doesn’t already have a blog, you’re missing out on the single-smartest marketing technique currently available. If you do have a blog, are you making the most of it?

A blog enables you to connect with prospects, customers, industry partners and even the general public about things that are important to your target audience. It can greatly enhance your SEO. It demonstrates your expertise, so it builds credibility and trust. It demonstrates your helpfulness because you’re providing easy-to-access information people want.

If it’s interesting – and it will be with the right content – your blog can help turn casual leads into devotees that may become your most loyal customers.

Successful blogs are consistent. A predictable publishing schedule will be easier for you, and it builds a sense of expectation among your readers. Once or twice a week is fine. Diverse content attracts readers, so mix it up. Creating an editorial calendar will help you do that and also ensure you don’t miss a timely topic in the future.

Creating a blog needn’t be daunting.

Here are some proven strategies you can use:

  • Answer frequently asked questions. What do people commonly ask now? What would you want to know about your dealership and your products?
  • Find Out Where You Stand | Loyalty BoundTalk about industry news or what’s happening with a particular manufacturer.
  • Announce a new product, accessory or service you now offer. Or kick off a contest or survey. Tell people why it matters to them, how they’ll benefit from the new service or participating in the contest.
  • Publish the results of your contest or survey, especially anything surprising.
  • Comment on pending legislation that will affect your dealership or your customers.
  • Offer tips – how to make the most of your equipment, how to choose between leasing or buying, helpful hints for drivers, equipment inspection checklist, etc.
  • Relate actual stories to show your human side. Expand on testimonials, or talk about unusual ways people are using equipment they purchased from you.
  • Link to previous blog articles you’ve written, or to specific pages within your website. But only if they’re directly pertinent.
  • Create infographics. You can also use them as print ads or posters, too, depending on the subject matter.
  • Share someone else’s content. For example, you could link to an article you recently read on improving office interactions in a family business, and comment on it. You can repurpose your own content, too – for instance, summarizing the key points of a webinar you recently offered.
  • Solicit guest articles from industry experts, OEM bloggers, etc.

Crowd Sourcing | Loyalty BoundTake advantage of “crowdsourcing.”

All that means is you don’t have to do everything yourself. Ask your staff to contribute – either literally, by writing their own articles, etc., or by brainstorming topic ideas as a group. Sales, finance, customer service and shop personnel all have different types of interactions with customers, which gives them valuable perspective.

Ask your customers to contribute. They have stories, photos, video clips, first-hand tips from the field, etc. they’d love to share. Be sure you recognize them for it, perhaps with a link to their business website.

What do you want them to do next?

You should always include a call to action of some kind. Be sure to include your web address and social media icons. And encourage readers to comment on your post. You can even pose a question at the end.

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