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Blogging to Build your Dealership

Blogging to Build your Dealership | ADI Agency

Blogging to Build your Dealership

We’ve been talking about the advantages of blogging for years, so it is somewhat surprising to us here at ADI Agency that many construction equipment and heavy truck dealerships still don’t have a blog – or aren’t making the most of the blog they do have. If that’s you, that’s OK. We’re here to help you get started (or restarted) on blogging that will bring in new customers and build repeat business, too.

A quality blog is a versatile marketing tool

Truly, a quality blog is your strongest marketing asset, aside from your dealership’s website. Because your blog is associated with your website, the articles you publish boost your presence with search engines. That increased SEO helps your dealership rank higher in search results, driving more traffic to your website. (HubSpot reports that blogging can increase site visitors by more than 50%.)

Often, though, it is blog articles themselves that are a prospect’s first contact with your dealership. So a quality blog helps grow your business in two fundamentally important ways.

But there’s more. A blog benefits your dealership by:

shaking hands, warranty partnership, marketing expertsBuilding credibility and trust

Informative, useful articles help prospects and existing customers select the right equipment or truck for their business, but blogs also help readers stay in touch with industry best practices and grow their business in other ways, too. (We’ll talk more about specific content ideas later.) Readers appreciate all that down-to-earth practicality – they can put the information you provide to good use, and they can see that your dealership is interested in more than simply making another sale.

That builds your dealership’s brand as a comprehensive resource, whether someone is looking for service, repairs, parts, accessories, or just some friendly knowledgeable advice. That sets you apart from the competition.

Converting visitors into leads

A prospect searches for information online. They find your blog article – yay, exactly what they were looking for – and that takes them to your website. They’re so impressed with the article’s value, they want more, so they sign up to automatically receive new blogs as they are published. Or they notice the box adjacent to your blog article promoting a free ebook that expands on the topic. Even better! They click to download your ebook or whitepaper.

What just happened? In both of these examples, your blog reader has provided their email address, converting into a lead you can now engage with one on one.

Marketing Resources Library | Loyalty Bound | ADI AgencyBuilding your content library

Your dealership undoubtedly has a presence on key social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. every blog article gives you a new opportunity to share something of value with your social followers. You can share a general-interest blog with everyone – say, news about the industry or your dealership. Or you can share niche blog content — maintenance tips for wheel loaders, for example – with just the relevant segment of your audience.

Not only can you link to blog articles from social posts, you can invite blog readers to join you on social media. You’re reaching new prospects and building stronger relationships. And, of course, because your content is worth reading or viewing, it can be shared again and again by others, further expanding your reach and branding.

What should you write about?

We know this is usually the sticking point. You get it, you need a quality blog. But thinking up topics, writing articles and managing the blog are not your areas of expertise. It can feel so overwhelming you just give up. No need! Great blog content covers a wide range of topics – new products or service options, industry news or trends and how they affect your region, how-to tips and advice. All you have to do is think “useful” and “timely.”

Blogging to Build your Dealership | ADI AgencyPersonalize your dealership

Blog articles can (and should) inform readers about your dealership as well as the equipment side of your business. Behind-the-scenes looks at your service department or body shop. Articles introducing or interviewing key staff members build their credibility as well as the dealership’s. Write about how your employees got together to volunteer for some community project. (Don’t forget the photos!)

Highlight customers

You could write an article about a specific product and its specs. But why not invite customers to share photos or short videos of your trucks or construction equipment on the job and write that as the basis for your article? Invite them to share their own tips for boosting job site productivity, or innovative ways they’re using a particular type of machine or accessory. Story telling is more engaging for readers, and you can bet the customer you’ve highlighted will get busy sharing this content with their own networks.

You don’t even have to do it yourself

Our ADI Agency team can help you identify excellent topics, write them up and publish them on a consistent schedule. You’ll finally have that blog you’ve been dreaming of, and you can stay focused on all the other details of managing your dealership. And as your blog grows, you can look forward to meeting new customers and turning them into long-term loyalists.


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