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How Branding Your Truck Dealership Improves Your Bottom Line

How Branding Your Truck Dealership Improves Your Bottom Line

Of course you want to improve your bottom line. It’s a sign your truck dealership is healthy and growing. You’ll get to that goal fastest by branding your dealership positively and consistently.

How can you do that?

You can’t sell to people who don’t know you exist.

That’s true for your dealership, but also for your products if you sell trucks from a lesser-known manufacturer. Your OEM might be truly superior, but if it’s not well-known you have to work harder to get your name out there and build a strong reputation. That’s branding.

Or maybe you’re a new dealership. Even if you sell a strongly-branded truck, you need to brand your dealership as the go-to place for new equipment and after-market, parts, service, etc.

Branding those after-market services is critical.

Not everyone needs a  new truck. But every truck on the road needs ongoing maintenance and the occasional repair. Maybe an upgrade. Those sales represent a significant chunk of your revenue.

Establishing your truck dealership as a knowledgeable, friendly, reliable, speedy source of service contributes mightily to your reputation, ensuring those customers will automatically think of you when it’s time to replace their truck or add to their fleet.

Branding creates an emotional connection.

And you know how many truck owners are personally attached to their brand. You can build on that, but with the right marketing you can also change their mind, if they’re currently attached to some other OEM.

Branding works best if it’s well-focused.

You cannot be everything to everyone, so what are you most known for? What sets you apart from other truck dealerships?

Branding builds loyalty.

PEER Strategy | Retain | Customer Loyalty | Loyalty BoundAnd loyalty improves your bottom line in two vital ways – repeat sales and spreading the word about your dealership. When your loyal customer tells their best buddy (or a whole bunch of buddies) about their great experience with you, you can bet those friends will listen. People trust their friends – even if they’re social media “friends” they hardly know – for unbiased input. Social sharing, whether it’s in person or line, is worth its weight in gold. Or truck parts.

A strong brand can even support stronger pricing.

You get what you pay for, right? Everyone wants a good deal, but a brand your customers believe to be superior will command a higher price. Your marketing drives this point home, with real-life stories and on-the-job visuals that clearly demonstrate why your trucks perform better, longer, more adaptably.

Branding isn’t just some marketing “extra.” Proactive, strategically planned brand-building is essential, because the results can go either way. Positive branding that speaks to the hearts and minds of your customers as well as their wallets can do wonders for your bottom line, year in and year out.

But confusion about what your dealership stands for – or, worse, a negative reputation – can kill your business. That’s why you have to work constantly and consistently to build and reinforce your desired brand.

Branding demonstrates you don’t just sell trucks, you know trucks. What drivers need to function more efficiently. What owners need to keep vehicles on the job and generating income. That keeps you top-of-mind, and it positions you as the first choice and best choice when it comes to truck dealerships.

How Branding Your Truck Dealership Will Improve Your Bottom Line

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