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Build Customer Loyalty & Trust with Personalized Content

Build Customer Loyalty & Trust with Personalized Content-01

Build Customer Loyalty & Trust with Personalized Content

Customers look to your dealership for more than a sales showroom or service shop. They trust you to do the right thing. To give them sound advice. They’re looking for a reliable working partner to help grow their business. You want to develop long-term relationships, too. One way you can achieve customer loyalty is by providing personalized content for prospects and existing customers.

Working-As-a-One-Person-Marketing-Team-Try-these-5-Tips-to-Stay-Productive-squarePersonalized content shows you know who your readers are. It shows you understand what’s important to them. And you know how busy they are, so you’re making it easy for them to get the information they need. That kind of “knowing” sends the signals that build trust.

Personalized content also helps you get to know your prospects and customers even better. Sure, you know the construction or trucking industry inside-out. But when you understand each customer’s specific business challenges, you’re able to demonstrate how your dealership can help them resolve problems and strengthen their business. Nothing cements customer loyalty like showing an interest in their bottom line.

Personalized experience separates you from the competition
Long gone are the days when you could compete on price alone. Or expect to make sales simply because your dealership is nearby. Today’s customers are looking for a comprehensively excellent – and personalized – experience. That starts with marketing content, because today’s customers are also DIY-oriented when it comes to researching potential products and business solutions. They are still “letting their fingers do the walking,” but in an entirely different way.

Your relevant, timely, useful content draws them in and allows you to engage them. It transform them from website visitors or social media observers into solid leads you can nurture – again individually.

types-of-contentProvide content in multiple formats, so it is available where and as each person wants it. While some may want to download a lengthy e-book, others prefer shorter “bites,” whether that is blog articles that represent a series of chapters from your e-book, emails or social media posts with links to your content, tip sheets, etc. In fact, short, concise content is generally preferable for one simple reason: people are busy. They are overwhelmed with so many things to do and think about in running their business.

Tracking content response gives you direction
One tried-and-true method of learning what customers want from you is to ask them outright. You can do that in person, or use your various content delivery channels to pose questions, offer short surveys, etc.

But you can also use your content management software and inbound marketing analytics to delve deeper. You can learn more about overall response to your content, and also see how individuals are responding. The more you learn, the better you can refine your content itself, and the more strategically you can target that content toward certain prospects and customers. You want to know:

  • Build Customer Loyalty & Trust with Personalized Content-02What content is attracting the most readers?
  • Which content is attracting the most downloads?
  • What content is being shared most often?
  • Which of your marketing channels are most used?

For each question, you can also ask “by whom?” By combining the “what and who,” you can develop personalized content that drives customer loyalty.

The very latest content management software takes your strategy a few steps further, monitoring individual behaviors as they engage with your content and automatically directing the most appropriate material their way. You may not have that platform, at least not yet. But to remain competitive, your dealership should at least have a responsive-design website that recognizes the type of device each individual is using to search. That ensures easy navigation and reading, and that keeps people on your site.

If you keep personalization top-of-mind as you’re creating and publishing your content, and in your everyday interactions with customers, your dealership will be well-positioned to earn the kind of trust that builds customer loyalty.


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