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Congrats! You’re an Elite Support Dealer! Now What?

Congrats! You’re an Elite Support Dealer! Now What?

Achieving Elite Support Dealer certification is a major step. It took a lot of effort to get there, and you’re justifiably proud of that accomplishment. But it’s really a first step, isn’t it? Because Elite Support is an ongoing process of continuous improvement.



It’s just like the PEER approach to online marketing. Prepare. Evolve. Engage. Retain. Four steps that describe a systematic process that leads directly to the results you want.  Elite Support and PEER follow the same approach, one that’s smart, strategic, focused and customer-driven. They’re aimed at the same goals — increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Everything you do at your dealership – or for your dealership – is interrelated. And everything you learn and practice as an Elite Support Dealer applies to your dealership marketing as well as your service department. You’re assessing your processes so that you can improve, to provide the best, most customized experience.

Let’s examine these parallels a little more closely.

prepareThe first step is diagnosis. We call that Prepare.

You have to evaluate the current situation to determine which tasks and parts are needed — and available – as well as cost to get the work done. For your marketing, those parts are content topics, offers, delivery formats and channels. You use only highly-qualified and experienced technicians – your internal and external marketing teams and sales reps.


PEER Strategy | Evolve | Loyalty BoundEvolve and Engage.

Elite Support dealers quickly fix small problems. You can do the same with your online marketing, rapidly detecting what isn’t working and replacing that with something better.

Elite Support helps your customers make intelligent, fast decisions about what to do next, based on understanding the problem at hand. The Engage and Evolve components of your content marketing development also focus on timely, efficient action.

PEER Strategy | Engage | Loyalty BoundRobust parts availability means using an editorial calendar to assure you always have a supply of fresh, relevant content to offer your audience. Your regularly-updated, locally customized stocking list targets each type of truck customer. Each audience segment.

Elite Support calls for clear directional signage, so people can easily find you. Your website offers clear, easy navigation, with equally clear and motivating calls-to-action.

PEER Strategy | Retain | Loyalty BoundRetain.

The Elite Support process helps your customers manage their business better, with information that explains the impact of work being done. Online analytics give you that same advantage – detailed data. And in marketing, the “best-qualified technician” is highly-targeted content for each of your target audiences. Always the right tool for the job.

Good communication is essential when dealing with your service shop customers. It’s just as important – for the same reasons, to maintain ongoing, timely communication with your online prospects and existing customers as you engage with them and evolve your relationship.


How Branding Your Truck Dealership Will Improve Your Bottom LineYour staff is always friendly and professional. You come across that way online, too, through the consistent tone of your content, from blog articles and website copy to social media posts and webinar presentations. And just as Elite Support tracks and documents communications, your online analytics track your marketing progress.

Elite Support Dealer program is also an example of how your offline and online actions integrate – supporting and enhancing one another to build authority, trust and reinforce your brand as the preferred, go-to resource

The bottom line? Superb customer service, across the board. Ultimately it’s the most important thing your dealership offers, because it’s the thing that differentiates you. And superb customer service comes from continuous improvement, whether we’re talking about your service and repair shop or your online customer relationships.

Now that you’re Elite, isn’t it time you became a PEER?