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Constructing a Content Creation Strategy to Increase Sales

Constructing a Content Creation Strategy to Increase Sales

You’re probably tired of hearing about how “content is king” when it comes to digital marketing. You get it. But how do you ensure you’re creating the right content – the stuff that will actually help you increase sales? Constructing a content creation strategy will help you get there. You’ll be more efficient. More effective. You’ll feel less overwhelmed by the whole process.



In fact, the effort you put into developing your content strategy will improve your marketing across the board.

Construct your keyword strategy first.

In order to attract the attention of online searchers, you have to use the words they’re using to search. Keywords are literally the key to unlocking an increase in sales. You can’t skimp here, but you don’t have to guess. There are several ways you can approach uncovering the top-producing keywords to reach your target audiences.

  • keyword-strategyGather your people for a group discussion — sales reps, service writers, financing, parts desk, receptionist, everyone who has contact with prospects and existing customers. Make a list of questions people ask, because these are all potential content topics. Make a list of the words people use when they ask those questions, because these are the same words they’re likely to use when searching.
  • Use your website analytics to spot most-often-used search words.
  • Use Google’s Keyword Planner to develop a list of additional possible keywords. Don’t forget that long-tail keywords – entire phrases rather than single words – can be far more effective.
  • If your content management software includes a keyword grading tool – and it should – use that to quickly determine which of your potential keywords have the highest search volume and the lowest “ranking difficulty” (most likely to bring you crucial first-page search display). You can also evaluate possible keywords based on ranking position, number of leads they generate and number of website visits they attract.
  • Create an Excel matrix to easily compare prospective keywords and select the best candidates.

Now it’s time for topics.

TOPICSYou already have your list of frequently-asked-questions. Add to it by considering each of your top keywords, one at a time. What topics or types of content can you create around each one? Think about each of your marketing personas as you work through this process.

You can use online resources such as Alltop, Social Mention, and Google Suggest to help brainstorm topics and words that relate to current industry news, what’s trending, what key influencers are saying, then relate those things to your dealership and products as you develop your content.

Headlines are critical. Either they grab your searcher’s eye and interest, or your content goes unseen. Use words like “how to” or “tips” to instantly convey usefulness. Numbers (“5 reasons,” etc.) are proven winners, too.

Who should write your content?

Your content has to be well-crafted to be truly effective. But often dealerships get stuck at this point. Do everything you can to encourage your staff to contribute to your content creation – writing blog articles, posting social media items, etc. But remember that not everyone is a great writer, and many people just don’t feel comfortable in that role.


That’s why many dealerships look to their outside marketing experts or professional freelance writers to actually write their content. Someone who understands your working environment and customer base and who is also a strong writer can provide ongoing content that makes the most of your keywords and speaks both intelligently and persuasively to your target audiences.


Use a checklist to ensure you’re fully optimizing each piece of content before you publish it. And use your ongoing analytics to keep optimizing, so your content continues to rank high, attract traffic and convert leads to increase sales.

Constructing a content creation strategy and investing in the best quality content you can produce ensures you’ll get top ROI on your entire marketing investment.