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Construction Equipment Technology On The Rise

Construction Equipment Technology On The Rise

Learn the Value of Construction Equipment Technology and What it Can Do for Your Dealership

As an industry, we in the construction equipment world have admittedly been behind the technological times.  Many of us are still focusing only on print ads and inventory listings to find customers and make sales.  Advancements in technology are the result of problems that needed to be solved, or the need to make tedious work processes more efficient.  In the realm of construction equipment technology is proving itself to be not only beneficial, but a huge advantage and game changer for the whole industry.

Construction Equipment Technology On The RiseConstruction equipment technology is evolving all of the time, and with it are the means and techniques necessary to diagnose and service these machines.  More and more machines are being made with ECMs, or electronic control modules that make laptops necessary for full diagnosis, and the results are precise, saving time and money.  Many manufacturers and dealers have made their information available online, making their services and parts availability readily available to customers from anywhere.

New software, tools and electronic systems are now being produced to make strides towards being more efficient by recording data that can be tracked and analyzed.  This helps us better understand everyday activities and what can be done to reduce down time, and make the most out of man hours, materials, and rental fleets.

The PEER Strategy | Digital Marketing | Loyalty Bound | ADI AgencyAll of these changes in construction equipment technology are helping the industry to remain competitive and innovative in many areas but what about sales? Marketing?  The same types of technologies are available to track and analyze website traffic and so much more.  What does this mean?  It means that your digital store front (or website) can be monitored to show you how many people viewed your site that day, how they found you, what they looked at and for how long.  Through the use of digital marketing software and the PEER strategy that we have developed, you can greatly increase leads and tap into a whole customer base that you have not yet tapped into!

Just think how the insight into your customers would change some of your sales and marketing efforts!  With the use marketing software you can gather information on what you’re customers are really looking for, and how they are looking for it.  Insight into your customers gives a huge advantage when trying to come up with a marketing plan, attract new customers, convert leads into sales, and retain loyal customers.

Construction Equipment Technology On The Rise

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