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Content Confusion? Utilize Your Equipment Experts for Marketing Content Creation

Content Confusion? Utilize Your Equipment Experts for Marketing Content Creation

Stumped for new ideas for content creation? Look no further than your co-workers for a supremely valuable source of fabulous, on-target material. Who knows more about what your customers and prospects need in the way of information and tips than your own equipment experts?



You can capitalize on their knowledge and perspective beyond their standard job description. Involving your people in content creation increases your dealership’s authority and credibility with leads and customers, but also with each other. And highlighting your employee’s individual expertise is an excellent way to personalize your organization, associating a broader range of real people with real solutions for online searchers.

Good management is based on whole-team thinking and input anyway, right? Content creation is no different. Actively contemplating content topics keeps everyone thinking about the integral relationship between marketing and sales and customer retention – the circle of life for every dealership.


brain-expertAnd your employees can benefit personally. The content they create builds a portfolio and experience that could lead to broader opportunities such as speaking opportunities, teaching your webinars or interviews with trade publications or local news outlets.

Fostering an inclusive culture that expects and rewards participation also makes your dealership an even more attractive place to work. That’s good for employee retention as well as future hiring.

Ease the way for content creation.

Encourage people to participate at their own comfort level, but encourage them to stretch, too. Lots of folks aren’t good writers, or don’t have much confidence in their abilities. But it’s the thought that counts here – literally, in the case of idea generation.

Even if people are reluctant to write articles, they can be responsible for periodic social media posts regarding their specialty, be an interview subject and, at the very least, report regularly on their personal interactions with prospects and/or customers. It’s all fuel for content creation. And you might uncover hidden talent!

Consider creating some general guidelines for content development and maybe even some templates to help your equipment experts get started. And appoint a marketing person to serve as official editor and mentor, to help will allay fears and reduce pressure to produce “perfect” material. They can buff up content to ensure everything that gets published is consistent with your dealership’s brand in terms of tone, style, etc.

rewarded-brainReward those who contribute.

You could go all-out and reward people for content creation by increasing their pay or with other incentives. But most people are happy with simple acknowledgement – in your next team meeting, as part of your ongoing employee recognition program, and of course with that online byline.

Giving your people authorship credit build trust in your dealership. You can ghost-write for key personnel, if necessary, to highlight their value to potential customers.

Encourage participation by using your digital marketing analytics to illustrate how well a particular piece of content helped generate leads or sales. You could even establish a competition to see who can create the best-performing content based on a specific metric, such as most social media shares, most leads generated, etc.

Everyone’s an expert.

There’s a content creator lurking at every desk and behind every tool at your dealership. Equipment experts are an obvious place to start, but sales reps, parts and service folks, financing and accounting, customer service specialists, even your receptionist are all potential gold mines for content creation.

The whole team contributes to your dealership’s success, so why not to content creation that brings in more customers? It’s a natural.