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Content Management Systems and How They Can Help Grow Your Dealership

Content Management Systems and How They Can Help Grow Your Dealership

One of the great benefits of the technology revolution is software applications that help you manage your dealership better – everything from accounting to inventory. A content management system (CMS) is exactly such a tool, one that organizes and streamlines your marketing. It can help grow your dealership by attracting first-time buyers and building solid, lasting relationships with existing customers. Your marketing is more efficient, and those savings go straight to your bottom line.

A CMS ensures you’re always accessible when someone is searching online. That’s critical, because people don’t care about your dealership until they need something – then they expect the information they want to be easy to find, right now. Without that, you’re essentially invisible.

A content management system fills your toolbox.

Your mechanics don’t use a single tool for every job, any more than your customers use a single piece of equipment to construct a road or a building. A CMS creates a coordinated “hub” that puts all the important digital marketing tools at your fingertips:


That variety gives you the versatility to reach every audience, from folks who don’t know anything about your dealership to folks who’ve been buying from you for years, perhaps generations. That includes younger family members moving into more responsible positions in those businesses and looking to make smart, savvy buying decisions.

A CMS doesn’t replace personal interaction, it enhances it. It makes your in-person sales and marketing far more productive, because it eliminates cold-calls and window-shoppers. Your leads are warm when you first meet them. And you know where they are in their buying cycle, so you can nurture them appropriately and turn them into lifelong, loyal customers.

A CMS ensures your marketing is consistent.

Consistency builds branding and authority, establishing your dealership as the go-to resource for each of your target audiences. You can create timely, compelling content tailored to those targets, in the most effective formats, and put it out there where your audience can easily find it. And share it.

That ability to fully integrate your marketing is vital, because links are the lifeblood of sharing and engagement.

A CMS puts you in the driver’s seat.

Content Management Systems and How They Can Help Grow Your DealershipYou can control every aspect of your marketing, leveraging financial and time resources so you can be most effective with least effort. You can quickly update content and automatically schedule publishing of blog or social media posts, your e-newsletter, etc. Automation saves time and lets you focus on the planning and creativity aspects of marketing, making sure no potential target audience slips through the cracks to cost you sales later on.

But the best part of CMS automation is the detailed, immediate insight you get into how your marketing is working. You can set benchmarks that match your unique dealership goals and compare results right away, not weeks or months down the road. You don’t have to guess or become a human behavior expert, and your marketing team can help you interpret the results.

Growing your dealership depends on attracting new customers and building closer relationships with existing ones. The more they engage with you on an ongoing basis, the more likely they are to buy more. Your content educates them, opening their eyes to additional products or services that can benefit their business and create sales for you.

A content management system keeps you organized and focused. It gives you confidence that your marketing efforts are well-directed, and tangible results to see that it’s working the way you want, to grow your dealership.

Content Management Systems and How They Can Help Grow Your Dealership