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Are You Converting LinkedIn Profile Views into Leads?

Are You Converting LinkedIn Profile Views into Leads

Are You Converting LinkedIn Profile Views into Leads?

Don’t you just love it when LinkedIn notifies you people have been viewing your profile? You can admit it – after all, it’s flattering to know people clicked on your profile. So what do we all do next? Click to see who those people were, of course. Unfortunately that’s all most of us do.

What a waste! Every single LinkedIn feature has been designed for one purpose: to facilitate business-to-business relationship building. LinkedIn doesn’t tempt you with “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” because they want to flatter you or rack up another metric. They’re handing you potential leads on a platter. Leads you could be turning into business for your dealership.

handshake-01If you aren’t following up, you’re likely missing out on sales.
It’s as simple as that. By checking out your profile, individuals have opened a door for you – sort of like making eye contact across a room. Instead of averting your eyes, why not make your way across the room, so you can learn more about each other?

Not everyone is going to be a hot lead, but someone may become your next Customer for Life. You’ll never know unless you pursue them. Professionally, of course, in true LinkedIn style.

LinkedIn makes it so easy to follow up.
You can look up who has viewed your profile any time, simply by opening the Profile heading on your LinkedIn home page. All you have to do is click on someone’s own profile to get their particulars – who they are, where they work, their position, their background. This information enables you to instantly qualify them.

When you find a likely business prospect for your dealership, invite him or her to connect with you. Don’t drop the ball by using the generic message, though. Personalize it, with something like, “Hi, Susan, I see you checked out my profile. It looks like we have a lot in common, so how ‘bout we get connected?” You get the idea.

Are You Converting LinkedIn Profile Views into Leads-02The bottom line? Susan will probably be happy to hear from you and eager to connect, because having viewed your profile she already knows something about you. She may even have some ideas on how you or your dealership can help her solve equipment-related challenges within her construction or trucking business.

Consider automating your personal outreach efforts.
LinkedIn allows you to sort and organize profile viewers who seem like viable leads for your dealership, allowing you to follow up efficiently. But you can make it even more efficient, by adopting a Google Chrome browser extension called LinMailPro. This app facilitates your LinkedIn online outreach efforts. It automatically finds individuals who have recently viewed your profile and invites them to connect with you.

PEER Strategy | Engage | Loyalty BoundYou won’t even lose the personalization that’s so important to engaging prospects. LinMailPro let’s you send individualized messages just like the example we used above, including using the person’s first name. And you can tag each invitee. When they accept your invitation to connect, they will automatically be sorted into your list of prospects so you can continue to follow up with them, one-to-one, with targeted messages.

Share this with your sales team.
Helpful as always, LinkedIn has created a step-by-step video that reviews these tips and provides illustrations. Pass this link and these tips along to each member of your dealership’s sales team (and other key personnel, too), and see what you’ve been missing when it comes to generating great leads via LinkedIn.

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