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Create Successful Dealership Branding with Digital Marketing

Create Successful Dealership Branding with Digital Marketing

Your brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what you demonstrate, day in and day out. It’s the composite impression people have of your dealership – your products, your service, your people. Everything about you. That’s why consistency is so important for successful dealership branding.



You can use digital marketing in almost unlimited ways to introduce your brand and reinforce the key strengths that differentiate you to prospects and existing customers.

Let’s talk about consistency first, since it’s foremost.

traditional_digital_marketing_reflectWhat you say and how you present yourself — across all channels, both digital and traditional – has to be consistent so prospects don’t become confused. That includes not only your marketing content but personal interactions. Every single employee represents your dealership and can influence perception of your brand.

Presentation includes your visual identity. Your logo, colors and graphic style have to be the same throughout your digital marketing, but also everywhere else people see you. Does your team wear a uniform at work? If your colors are blue and green, don’t pick red polo shirts.

Great content, poorly presented, will kill your brand.

Successful dealership branding requires a consistent underlying theme of quality. If your website or other digital offerings look sloppy, and especially if there are thoughtless mistakes like spelling or grammar failures, you appear unprofessional. Great information cannot compensate for that. Who wants to buy equipment or have it serviced at a dealership that obviously pays no attention to details?

Brand perception is emotional, highly personal.

You’re asking people to believe in you. Do that by using your content to explain why you’re their best choice when it comes to buying the equipment you sell and everything else you do to generate revenue.

How Branding Your Truck Dealership Will Improve Your Bottom LineWhat sets you apart? Proximity might work in your favor, but customers aren’t required to buy from the nearest dealer. And they’re certainly not required to buy the OEM brand(s) you sell. So what’s the bottom line, as far as your prospects are concerned?

Digital marketing builds credibility, because it’s information-based. Your website, webinars, in-person seminars, social media posts and interviews with the trade press all allow you to share expertise. Brand-building content answers your audience’s questions, helps them improve productivity or effectiveness. Think timely, relevant and – occasionally – just plain interesting or fun.

And skip the clichés. Touting yourself as “the best” is meaningless. Let others make the claim for you, by publishing awards you’ve won, customer testimonials and stories. That independent, unbiased support carries tremendous weight for successful dealership branding.

How are you doing?

shaking hands, warranty partnership, marketing expertsRegularly monitoring comments and questions posted your social media accounts or blog can tell you if your branding efforts are headed in the right direction. But soliciting direct feedback can also help identify weak points or misconceptions so you can fill or fix them. The sooner you do that, the better, because they’re missed marketing opportunities.

Maybe people don’t realize everything you do, especially value-added services like financing assistance or specialized insurance programs, even your dealership’s own loyalty program. Promoting these things underscores your brand as a trustworthy and worthwhile resource, someone your prospects and customers want to do business with.

Asking for input strengthens relationship-building, too, because you’re engaging your audience right where it counts – what your dealership means for them.


You’re one of them – let that shine through.

Construction Equipment Marketing From An Insider's PerspectiveBe consistent. Successful dealership branding is something you have to work at every day.Your customers want to know you understand what their day is like, what keeps them up at night, and that you can help them resolve their most pressing challenges. The more they can relate to you, the faster you’ll establish a personal connection – one that builds trust and buying confidence. Since people relate to other people, use your staff to best advantage. Post their photos, and highlight their expertise.