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Your Dealership Can Plan Ahead with HootSuite | Schedule Your Posts

Your Dealership Can Plan Ahead with HootSuite Schedule Your Posts-01

Your Dealership Can Plan Ahead with HootSuite | Schedule Your Posts

The greatest online marketing strategy in the world can’t help you if you become mired in the minutiae of implementation. Fortunately, there are innovative applications available to help automate your marketing activities, so you can focus on the creative parts. One of the best is HootSuite, designed to help you schedule posts and track them, so you can manage your social marketing more efficiently and effectively.

Scheduling actually matters.

HootSuitePart of understanding your various target markets is knowing when they want to receive information. If your timing is wrong and, therefore, disruptive, your audience might just ignore your message. You’ve wasted your effort. Your analytics can help you uncover when your audience is most receptive to your communications.

An automated scheduling and delivery system ensures you never forget, and posts get published on time even if you’re out of the office or otherwise occupied.

So how can you use HootSuite?

timing_is_everythingManage your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social networks, all from a single dashboard. You can:

  • Import contacts from Gmail or Yahoo, or add names one at a time, then organize them into streams to easily manage and track conversations.
  • Schedule tweets and messages in advance, rather than going online to each network separately every time you want to send something.
  • Automatically notify fans and followers of your latest blog post.
  • Receive alerts right to your dashboard when someone mentions your dealership.
  • Track conversations within your social networks, including comments, +1s, etc.
  • Track other people’s tweets using search, list or keyword functions.
  • Manage your Facebook account, adding images or coordinating marketing campaigns.
  • Save time and frustration.

HootSuite’s Applications Directory contains numerous common third-party apps to help you easily add social networks or tools to your dashboard — things like YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, MailChimp, Constant Contact and HubSpot. You can install some apps for free, others come at a cost. You can also add HootSuite’s own app to your phone or other mobile device, so you can manage your account from anywhere.

hootsuite_mobile_appAnd HootSuite’s analytics allow you to study and generate reports from Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Stats and Stats. You can assess your social media traffic and evaluate marketing campaign results

The basic version of HootSuite – one user and up to five social networks — is free. But you can also upgrade, to add more users or teams, expand the range of data you can track and get apps from the Directory at no charge.

HootSuite can boost your social ROI in several ways.

Reach a broader audience and ensure your friends and followers receive your messages whether they’re in the office, at the jobsite, or on the road. Educate your audiences by scheduling posts of your own and sharing valuable content from others as you run across it.

enhance_communicationEnhance communication, ensuring your target audiences receive your most valuable content consistently and in a timely manner. And reach them immediately with time-sensitive alerts. Strengthen engagement by staying in touch and encouraging sharing and conversation

HootSuite integrates, simplifies and streamlines your social network scheduling and management. That makes it easier to effectively grow your audience and engage with them, building the kind of personal relationship that ultimately converts them from interested shopper to loyal customer.