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How Digital Marketing Helps to Sell Construction Equipment

How Digital Marketing Helps to Sell Construction Equipment

Digital marketing can do more than help sell the specific construction equipment products you carry. It helps sell your dealership as the place to purchase that equipment. Both are equally important, because even if your OEMs manufacture the best construction equipment available, customers don’t have to buy from you. Digital marketing helps you sell construction equipment in several ways, from overt features-and-price promotions to more subtle reputation-building that can generate initial sales and also strengthen customer loyalty. Digital marketing builds awareness. You can reinforce OEM marketing messages, to keep their brand name top-of-mind with your prospects and customers. You can also establish your dealership’s own unique brand as the preferred choice when it comes to construction equipment sales and service. You’re telling prospects and existing customers you have the products they want and need. More than that, you have highly skilled and experienced staff that can help them with every aspect of their purchase, from choosing the right model to finding the right financing.

Powerful digital content puts you ahead of the competition.

How Digital Marketing Helps to Sell Construction EquipmentYou don’t just sell equipment, you’re a comprehensive resource – the one place people can go to find new products, parts, service, industry-savvy advice and helpful tips. They don’t even have to walk in the door, because they can easily find you online. Digital marketing guides them right to your website and the exact content they need. It allows you to engage with them, providing additional information they want and even starting a conversation. You’re helping them make the right buying decisions and manage their business better, too. You can even help your audience stay abreast of changing regulatory or other compliance requirements and the latest trends and best practices for everything from equipment maintenance and improving fuel consumption to increasing productivity while lowering labor costs. It’s all right on target and very personalized – exactly what customers expect from their favorite dealership.

The “power of suggestion.”

Digital marketing enables you to showcase products and services your audience may not have considered purchasing. Upselling and cross-selling can be lucrative additions to your revenue generation plan. And repeat sales are a sign of customer loyalty.

How Digital Marketing Helps to Sell Construction EquipmentBy engaging in ongoing dialog with your digital friends and followers, you can introduce them to newer, better or entirely different products that can help them approach jobs more efficiently and cost-effectively. And since you’ve established your dealership as a source of trustworthy, useful information, your recommendations carry special weight. You can talk honestly via your blog, social media posts or e-newsletter about the challenges your customers confront day in and day out, explaining how your construction equipment or after-market services help get the job done safely and efficiently. Relate your own experiences, or share actual customer stories to add real-life value.

Digital marketing doesn’t just tell, it shows.

Sure, you can put a photo in a print ad. You can even create an entire brochure with photos. But when you post pictures or infographics on social media sites, you can really tell a story without using any words. And nothing compares to video when it comes to attracting attention or offering information. Digital marketing gives you pictures that move. Just like your construction equipment.

Digital marketing starts with your website.

Websites have come a long way from when they were nothing more than an electronic brochure. Now, they’re interactive – probably your primary source of lead generation. But online searchers are scanners and skimmers. They’re impatient. So having excellent content isn’t enough. It has to be quick and easy to find. Have you added digital marketing to your sales force?


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