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What Digital Marketing Means To Your Truck Dealership

What Digital Marketing Means To Your Truck Dealership

Digital marketing can do a multitude of things for your truck dealership. They can all be summed up in one word: opportunity.

Digital marketing enables you to:

  • Reach out to folks you aren’t likely to meet in person or reach with traditional advertising.
  • Engage with them one-on-one, at their level of interest and timing. That lets you develop individual relationships that focus on trust and value received, and that’s what leads to sales.
  • Increase your dealership’s brand awareness and reinforce your reputation, by highlighting each of the traits that make up your overall brand impression.
  • Reinforce OEM marketing regarding brand name and specific truck products.
  • Promote and sell after-market equipment and services.
  • Promote and sell value-added services – directly or via partners — such as financing or extended warranties.
  • Promote your customer loyalty rewards program, expanding the value of your dealership as an ongoing business partner. Meaningful rewards or incentives encourage customers to purchase more and purchase more often.
  • Personalize your dealership, demonstrating through words and pictures exactly how and why you are the best choice for original equipment purchase and ongoing support.
  • Establish your dealership as the resource customers can count on for been-there-done-that understanding and advice, with real people to help them whenever they need it, wherever they are.

What Digital Marketing Means To Your Truck DealershipTruck buyers are a discerning audience.

They can be difficult to reach cost-effectively through traditional advertising, but they’re ideal candidates for the detailed targeting you can achieve via digital techniques.

OEM’s provide loads of data regarding their products – technical specs as well as features and benefits. Digital marketing allows you to piggyback on that important information by linking to it, while establishing your dealership as the place to buy – the critical link between OEM and end-user.

Digital marketing puts your dealership’s name and messages right in front of them, right when they’re looking for it, via your website and the other online content you create. You don’t have to hope someone is looking at your ads, you’re responding to their search for information. You get quality, well-qualified leads right off the bat, and you have more ways to nurture those leads to convert them.

Digital and traditional techniques complement one another, expanding the value of both and therefore the return on your marketing investment. Cross-promote your online content with print advertising, at trade shows and other events, with in-store displays or traffic-building promotions.

What Digital Marketing Means To Your Truck DealershipOnline analytics guide you to success.

Digital marketing lets you measure results. You can actually see what’s working rather than guessing, and you can do it quickly so you don’t waste time and money on ineffective effort. You can use that insight to refine your marketing.

And you can use what you learn from online analytics and online interactions with prospects and customers to refine other revenue-generating and brand-building aspects of your dealership – the products and services you offer, the quality and scope of your customer service, etc.

What Digital Marketing Means To Your Truck DealershipOnly digital reaches targets on-the-go.

It’s projected mobile devices will become the primary online search tools within another year or so. And no one’s more mobile than truck operators. Your digital content allows them to easily find you, contact you, get the information they need — especially important for building the important parts and service side of your dealership.

Whether your customers are small owner-operators, large trucking firms, or municipal public works and utility departments, digital marketing gives you the tools you need to connect with them in timely and valuable ways that help you build stronger relationships and sell more trucks.

What Digital Marketing Means To Your Truck Dealership

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