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Do These 5 Things to Make Your Dealership Blog More Successful


Do These 5 Things to Make Your Dealership Blog More Successful

Trucking and construction equipment dealerships are a lot more sophisticated about marketing than they were just a few years ago. Even if you’re ahead of your competitors in most respects, there are ways you can improve your inbound marketing. And if you aren’t where you need to be yet, creating a blog is one of the best places to start. Doing these five things will make your dealership blog (more) successful.

  1. Start with a solid plan.

PEER Strategy | Prepare | Marketing Plan | Loyalty Bound“We heard that we needed a blog” is not a strategy for blogging, any more than “we should sell some stuff” is a sound business plan for your dealership. A relevant, well-presented dealership blog will absolutely attract traffic to your dealership, but you want the hottest leads possible. That means you have to attract the right visitors to your site.

For equipment and truck dealerships, a highly effective blog serves two purposes:

  • Improve search engine rankings. To achieve this, the content of each blog should focus on one or two of your top marketing keywords.
  • Build an audience of followers. These are prospects and existing customers who read your blog articles to obtain information. You’re establishing your dealership as an expert resource and giving readers an ongoing opportunity to engage with you. Blog content should include a mix of topics such as industry trends, tips on using or buying the products you sell, etc. In effect, you are selling your dealership as the place to buy (and the people to buy from), rather than overtly selling specific products.

It takes more than guesswork to identify the most valuable keywords and dealership blog topics. Our ADI marketing team can help with both – we’re not only inbound marketing experts, we know truck and construction equipment sales from the inside.

  1. Understand your target audience.

target_flat_icon-02In order to aim your blog content where it counts most, you have to know your target audience segments well. What’s on their mind – what concerns them most about managing and improving their business? How can your products or knowledgeable dealership staff help overcome those concerns? How can you help them stay abreast of best practices, etc. while they’re busy dealing with day-to-day operations?

You want prospects to see your dealership as a working partner. In the same way, we hope you see ADI as your working partner for marketing. We can help you analyze the data you already have to see where you’re making the strongest connections with prospects and see where you could do better. And we can help you uncover deeper insights about their buying behavior.

  1. Set a schedule.

How often you publish your blog isn’t as important as choosing a set schedule. That way, readers know to expect something new on a regular basis. You’re not only a source of timely, valuable information, you’re reliable. That builds trust in your dealership. That said, you should aim for at least one post per week, to stay top of mind.

Create an editorial calendar, too. A simple matrix that shows topics and publication dates will help ensure you’re mixing it up in terms of content. Add a column that shows format, so you can further vary content with the occasional video link, photos, infographic, guest post, etc.

  1. Create the best content possible

Do-These-5-Things-to-Make-Your-Dealership-Blog-More-Successful_iconThis is where a lot of dealerships bog down with their blog. The quality of your blog speaks volumes about your business. Typos, grammar mistakes and just-plain-boring material subtly suggest that you aren’t up to date. Or you don’t pay attention to detail. Not exactly positive branding messages. And the truth is, not everyone feels comfortable writing. Not to mention you’re already busy with other dealership management necessities.

Once again, our ADI team can step in to help. Let us do for you what we do best, and you can focus on what you do best.

  1. Market your blog

Failing to overtly promote your dealership blog is like not having a sign or phone number for your dealership. So let people know you have a great blog and lead them to it. Link to articles in social media posts, encourage website visitors to subscribe and prominently display social sharing buttons with every blog post.

These five things will help you produce a more successful dealership blog. Want to know more or get help? Just let us know.


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