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Drive Visitors to your Dealership’s Website with Social Media & Your Blog

Drive Visitors to your Dealership’s Website with Social Media & Your Blog

One of the key goals of all your inbound marketing is to drive visitors to your dealership’s website. That’s your marketing foundation – the hub of everything else you do to attract and retain customer interest.



Both your blog and your social media practices have extensive capabilities when it comes to generating website traffic. Are you making the most of those opportunities? Here are some tips to help you use social media and your blog to drive visitors to your website:



  • PEER Strategy | Evolve | Blogging | Loyalty BoundHost it on your own website.
  • Put  “share this” buttons for social media at the beginning of each article.
  • Investigate “rising star” sites such as Reddit, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg and Technorati that can help promote your blog to a much broader audience.



  • Listen and learn. Paying attention to what your friends and fans are saying tells you what content they’re interested in and what questions they have – perfect opportunities to respond with helpful answers or links, and topic ideas for your next blog article.
  • PEER Strategy | Evolve | Social Media | Loyalty BoundRespond and comment, don’t just post. Your audience wants two-way conversation, not an onslaught of “stuff” from you.
  • Start your own group on LinkedIn, Facebook or Google + — for specific segment of your customers (users of a particular piece of equipment or fans of a particular OEM),
  • Consider purchasing ads on social media to back up your no-cost tactics or support a special website promotion.
  • Reward fans for referrals. And thank them for their loyalty with exclusive offers.
  • Use images to instantly tantalize your audience, linking them to your website to learn “the rest of the story.”
  • Create a survey on your website and post a link to it. Don’t forget to post the results and write a blog article about that, too.



  • Ask them to subscribe via RSS. They’ll automatically receive all your new postings without having to give it another thought. You’ll always be top-of-mind with them, thanks to a regular “feeding” of relevant, interesting content. Place put these sign-up buttons prominently on your website, but also on your blog and social media pages so people cannot miss them.
  • PEER Strategy | Engage | Loyalty BoundInclude links to your relevant pages on your website or a landing page with an offer that draws them farther into your sales funnel.
  • Use cross-links that cross-promote your content – from a blog article to a whitepaper to a webinar. Post the initial the offer socially.  
  • Optimize your website for mobile searchers. Making it easy is how you drive visitors to your website, especially this enormous and rapidly growing audience.
  • Track and analyze your audience’s behavior. And use what you learn to refine your content and posting practices.
  • Use your most valuable keywords – that’s what they’re for – to draw maximum attention to your blog and social media posts and reinforce your website’s SEO. Consistent, coordinated marketing is essential and exponentially more effective than a series of random postings.
  • Feature stories or quick-quote testimonials from customers about their experience with your products or dealership.
  • Use video. Post a link to YouTube, or better yet, embed your key videos right on your website since your goal is to drive visitors there.

Loyalty BoundIt’s all interconnected, so make the most of that by deliberately playing up the variety of your content topics and formats and platforms. That ensures you’re reaching people where they’re looking but also matching their preferred learning style.

Remember that, above all, timely, relevant content wins every time. So be useful, because that’s what will drive visitors to your website. But be personable, too, because that also helps build trust as well as comfortable relationships that convert prospects and strengthen customer loyalty.



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