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Easy Ways To Implement Inbound Marketing Strategies For your Construction Equipment Dealership

Easy Ways To Implement Inbound Marketing Strategies For your Construction Equipment Dealership

Easy Ways To Implement Inbound Marketing Strategies For your Construction Equipment Dealership

We’re certain your construction equipment dealership is using some types of inbound marketing – after all, you have a website, don’t you? But have you implemented all the inbound marketing strategies you need to grow your business? If you’re like many equipment dealerships, the answer is no. that won’t do, because inbound isn’t a fad, it’s a necessity of life for your business.

The PEER Strategy | Digital Marketing | Loyalty Bound | ADI AgencyIt doesn’t have to be hard
Here at ADI Agency, we talk to construction equipment dealerships every day. It’s one of our specialties. The most common reason we hear for neglecting inbound marketing strategies is that it’s “too hard.” It’s confusing, and daunting. There are too many channels available, so you don’t know where to start or how to use each one. Besides, you’re busy running your dealership and you don’t have the manpower to devote to intensive marketing.

We understand. But here’s the thing: if you don’t devote enough effort to marketing your dealership, you cannot thrive. Existing customers will come to believe you’re out of date (or don’t really care about them), and they’ll go elsewhere. Prospective customers will never find you. So let’s talk about easy ways you can implement inbound marketing strategies that will boost your construction dealership brand and sales.

Breathe New Life Into Your Dealership Marketing StrategyBecome a thought leader
This is marketing jargon for “show ’em you know what you’re talking about.” Prospects and existing customers look to their dealer for expert advice, not just a list of products and prices. They want someone they can trust – someone who can give them experienced insight on what equipment to buy and how to use it most effectively. But they also want someone who also has their eyes on the future of the construction industry. That’s the leadership part.

You become a thought leader when you share what you know with others, through all your inbound marketing channels as well as offline opportunities such as speaking engagements, trade-shows, and one-on-one conversations. You’re an educator.

Use your blog
Blog articles educate, so they are an easy, obvious way to expand your thought leadership. You’re making a name for your dealership while helping prospects and existing customers stay up to date. Use your blog to introduce and link to other educational products your dealership offers – tip sheets, whitepapers, e-books, or short videos.

PEER Strategy | Evolve | Blogging | Loyalty BoundThere’s a priceless side-benefit to this: when someone downloads one of these goodies, you capture their email address. Now you have a lead you can cultivate, and you already know at least one thing they are interested in or concerned about.

Regularly posting new blog articles also increases your search engine optimization (SEO), making it easier for online searchers to discover your website.

Get social
Social media sites aren’t just for teens. Your customers are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and probably Instagram or Pinterest or Snapchat. For business. Each platform offers a different advantage for your dealership, and you can’t be everywhere, so choose the few that make the most sense. Then learn how to make the most of each one, and do it. Just having a page does nothing. Use it, or lose it (“it” being your following and your brand’s influence).

Post links to your educational content. Use surveys to increase engagement and gain insightful about your audience. Post photos and links to videos – visuals are irresistible and most likely to be shared. If they’re interesting.

Keep Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Up To Date With These 10 Tips for 2016-02Consider pay-per-click advertising
If your website’s SEO is not (yet) earning you top-of-page search display results, paid advertising can make up for that. PPC ads always show up at the top.

Cross-promote with offline marketing
Marketing strategies produce the most impressive results when they work together. Use your blog and social media to promote dealership activities such as trade show participation. And promote your inbound channels in offline ways – not only at trade shows, but by putting your social media icons on business cards, brochures, etc.

Be sure your inbound efforts are fully integrated, too. The more obvious and easy you make it for people to find and engage with your dealership, the more you can reach new people and strengthen existing relationships.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Talk to us at ADI Agency. We know inbound marketing strategies as well as we know the construction equipment industry.


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